RFBC Member – Group Only Membership No Access to Carlene

$69 Recurring Monthly Fee

As an RFBC Member, you will have full access to camp, minus any personal support or contact with or from Carlene.
You will not be eligible for our challenges.
You do not have to weigh in, do food logs, or provide photos. How you participate is up to you.
This membership is for those who want to work with us in a group setting. Listen to our daily audios, participate in our daily discussions and become part of our community.

Other than accountability and access to Carlene, you will be treated and given the same access to everything at camp. Including being invited to any special programs or workshops Carlene offers.

At RFBC, we focus on the changes needed to be able to push through struggles, persevere, and learn to look at food differently so when you achieve the health goals you came here for, you can maintain them forever. These audios and discussions are based on the premise that you need to stay POP (Proudly on Plan) each and every day, so we discuss things like impulse eating, emotional eating, beating the 3/4 week dieters fatigue and then the 3/4 month quit zone. We discuss the pedestal we put food on, how similar our addictions are to an alcoholic’s. We work on learning to know our own food truths and how to live with them. Our bodies are ours and fair or not we have to learn to feed and move them according to their needs not our wants. Change is hard. It takes a lot of practice. Even when an epiphany hits, it is short lived and often needs to be learned again and again until the thin brain grasps it and calls it its own!


  • Monday Through Friday Audios
  • 24 Carlene In Your Ear Audios
  • Daily Discussion thread based on that day’s audio. Carlene Reads these and uses them for upcoming audios, discussions and special articles and may make comments here and there.
  • Optional MWF Weigh in
  • Special Programs and Workshops to Join based on multi-member needs, for an example: Feeding your family, socializing, etc.
  • Hour by Hour (special SOS Group)
  • Push Sister’s Group (motivational Group)
  • Focused and Determined Group (motivational Group)
  • The War Within Group (Share struggles, fears and doubts) Carlene Reads these and uses them for upcoming audios, discussions and special articles and may make comments here and there.
  • Occasionally, Carlene may invite someone in this group to work with her for a few days if she feels their commitment is strong and they just need a little redirection.

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