I will do this program for 4 or more women. It starts on January 30th and runs to April 30th.

Please fill out this application and submit it. Carlene will review it and email you back. If you have questions before submitting the application, use the Contact Carlene menu button above.

Membership Fees are:

$169 per month with Shared Photos.

$219 per month with no photos required except scale photos.

Carlene reserves the right to refuse anyone. I’ll be honest, I’m more inclined to work with new to RFBC members than returning members with a tendency to commit and then disappear. I want to retire with great successes under my belt. Only apply if you’re willing to put in the daily effort and participation and willing to make the changes necessary to live an obese-free life for good.

*All fields in the application are required.

Beat Obesity Application
Do not use email addresses that end in country codes such as .ge or .UK if that's how your email address is go get a Gmail account to use so I can be sure you will receive my reply. AOL users must set rawfoodbootcamp.com as a safe sender.
I have read everything on the RFBC website and understand the diets and walking and what this program and Carlene are all about.
I have been a member of RFBC Before
I disappeared last time without saying goodbye
Do you have the time and determination to treat being at RFBC like a part-time job?
Will you commit to participating at camp daily?
Are you capable and willing to get to 2 hours of walking daily within your first month?
Carlene is all about the importance of change. Are you willing to work hard to break old eating habits and create new ones for life?
Do you believe you want to beat obesity more than you will want to go after old favorite foods?
Are you ready to commit to being a member of RFBC for the rest of 2023?


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