Ikic Hits 50 lbs Gone and Onederland on the Same Day!

Ikic, did it!! We are all so proud of her. She has been going through some tough situations with her knees and feet, and then had her grandchildren staying with her while her, and couldn’t get out to walk, but look what she did!! We are inspired by and thrilled for her.

Ikic is the queen of perseverance as she has struggled with her knees for quite some time. She has researched every thing she can do besides walking to get in her fat burn zone and lose the weight. She taught us all the value of a rebounder when done for cardio. I thought it would be bad on the knees, but she found all sorts of people who use it to alleviate their arthritis and has been building up her time on it and finding good results.

Congratulations, Ikic. Onederland is such a beautiful place to be!


For those that don’t know. Onederland is what we call it when people leave the 200’s and move into the 100’s on that scale. That 199 is the most thankful sight for those who haven’t seen it in years and even decades.

Ikic does our Rawk Starz Diet with a minimum of 45 minutes a day of some kind of fat burning cardio.


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