JeanJeanBean Hits Goal in 134 Days with 60 lbs Gone!

JeanGoalPose3Jean felt it was ironic that she hit her goal weight of 134 in 134 days! Break that down. She dropped 60 lbs and hit her ideal weight in 4.5 months. She didn’t start on our Diva program, she started with our Wholy Rawker program and then moved to our Rawk Starz plan after realizing how great she felt. Well, I’ll let her explain all that to you.

Before you see her new B&As, here’s what she wrote to me the day she hit goal and offered to show her face in your before and afters:

From JeanJeanBean to Carlene after Jean hit her goal weight

I want to say that I really really really appreciate everything you do here at camp! I feel so blessed to be here and I am still in awe at how wonderful I feel every single day. My life has changed drastically and all because I came here and participated and because I believed and trusted in the process. You inspired me to believe and want to live a better life. 

I know that you give so much and really care for every person that comes here. That was evident to me when I first joined and all the way through my journey….and especially now going into maintenance. You are like a part of my family….my hubby and kids know your name and how you have helped me to get healthier.  

Your support over the past 4 or so months has really helped me through the rough days. I may not always log or talk much about those kind of days…but I have them…and when I have read your words of encouragement or listened to the audios or even hear about your experiences of what is going on or what has challenged you in your own life….I am motivated to keep going. Rough days, emotions, obstacles…everyone has them…but it is what we can learn from these experiences to grow stronger and wiser that shows we are growing…this is the message I hear you conveying over and over again. 

I showed my face because I want other people to see that they can get their health back. I want others to see that this is possible….whether it is 60 lbs or 100 lbs…I mean Haley lost 150 lbs….omg! I wish people could understand that this is so simple….eat whole living foods and move your body….and love and respect yourself. The message you are putting out there is so powerful! 



Just in case you were wondering, 60 lbs in 134 days averages to .44 lbs a day!! 

Here is Jean’s Story on how she got to goal in 134 days!

Jean After Hitting Goal and running her first 12K

Jean After Hitting Goal and running her first 12K

    I began my journey here at RFBC back in October 2015.  When I saw that Carlene was offering a three week Raw for Health program I jumped at the chance to give it a try.  I had been looking at RFBC probably for a couple of years and I was a little intimidated and nervous about jumping into the weight loss side of camp.  My health was in a horrible state and I just wanted so desperately to change.  After only 3 weeks of just increasing my intake of raw and whole foods my body began to heal and I started to feel so much better.  

   I decided in December that I was ready for “boot camp”.  I knew I wanted to go into 2016 a new woman and that the only way I could do that is if I fully committed to myself and to the process at RFBC.  I needed the accountability and the support.  I had tried to go it alone so many times and I ended up just crashing and burning.  

    In the beginning of RFBC I did not initially do 100% raw RawkStar diet.  The reason for this is that I wanted to start out slow and build myself up.  If I could be a Wholly Rawker and stick with the plan and walk my 2 hours a day then for me that would be a victory.  One day turned into two, and then a week and before I knew what was happening Christmas and New Years went by and I was able to stay on plan, do my walking and watch the weight start to peel off my body.  I started to feel so good and so energized that I knew even early on…I wasn’t going to go back to what my life had been.  I started to feel confident enough to do the RawkStar plan and with the support of the awesome Diva group I really felt like I was able to take off from there.  

    My life has changed so drastically since I have been at RFBC and it will only be 5 months on May 7th.  I used to have chronic pain in my hips, and plantar fasciitis that would at times have me crawling out of bed in the morning…now both are gone and there are days when I am getting in 15 plus miles running and walking.  I used to have a chronic cough due to dairy and grains…again…gone.  My skin is softer, my hair is growing like crazy, and my energy levels are crazy unstoppable.  This is without caffeine with the exception of the occasional cup of green tea.  

Before RFBC I was not very happy and I would even dare say I was suffering from some functional depression.  I am nowhere even near being depressed today.  

JeanGoalPose2    One of the biggest lessons I learned here at camp is that I could disconnect from emotional eating.  For the first time in my life I see food as nourishment and energy to fuel my body.  I don’t need to eat over anger, stress, frustration or any emotion including the happiness.  This really has been very powerful for me to understand and practice.  I have gone through some stressful times since starting camp…but I was able to deal with my emotions and not turn to food.  I feel like I have broken free from old patterns and that is something that has changed my life forever.  

    My daughters have a mom that gets up every morning smiling and happy…over 4 months ago I was barely getting out of bed.  My hubby has a best friend who loves to go golfing and hiking…before I didn’t even want to go outside.  I have my self confidence back and I feel like I can take on any challenge because I am strong and healthy.  Life is fantastic and I am so excited for the future.  

    What would I say to newbies at camp or anyone wondering if they can do this…..Believe and you will Achieve.  Cheesy yes…but your mind is what will get you to your goal and if you believe that you will succeed then there is no stopping you.  Your body will follow the path that your mind sets out for you.  Also know that there is a place for you at camp.  Just come to camp and be yourself.  Don’t worry about fitting in (I think we all do in the beginning) just show up and participate and before you know it you just belong like you have always been here.  I was nervous when I first started but I decided that I was just going to be open and vulnerable and learn as much as I could from everyone at camp.  I know we are all different and that we are all unique individuals but it is so surprising that we all experience some of the same feelings, thoughts or frustrations.  If you open your heart and mind here at RFBC you will get to where you want to be.  



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