Jennaohale Hits 40 lbs Gone in 3 Months

Jenna generously offered to show her face in her before and afters. Thank you for that, Jenna. And yes, 40 lbs in 3 months. She is not one of our fastest losers, but she still loses fast. That is an average of 3 lbs gone a week. Imagine, if you lost 40 lbs between now and December 16th! 

Jenna received the ultimate compliment the other day. She was at her nephew’s football game. As a family they all wear t-shirts with his number on to support him. Later, her sister came up to her and told her she had seen this woman walking across the field. She recognized the t-shirt but couldn’t figure out who was wearing it because the woman was so skinny. Of course, it was Jenna!

Jenna's 40 lbs Gone Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

Here’s a story Jenna posted in today’s conversation thread:

When I walked on Saturday morning I ended up walking along with a fun run/walk that was taking place on the path I was on. I can’t remember if I mentioned that here? I walked a full 10K… anyway- I saw a big girl running and her tank top said, “I hate running”. I thought it was hilarious and the look on her face made me believe her! lol. But she was doing it! I was proud of her and gave her the ‘thumbs up’ ‘good job sistafriend’ salute! But in my mind I was thinking, ‘come walk with me and I will tell you the secrets of RFBC!’ 

Ah, there aren’t any real secrets. It’s all about fruit, hemp, greens and walking! Oh, support, accountability, perseverance and our newest catch phrase: Perfect Effort!

Jenna is doing our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hour of Walking a Day

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