Jenna hits 50 lbs gone in 3.75 Months

Jenna does our Wholy Rawkers diet. Which does not give as fast weight loss as our Rawk Starz diet, yet, there she is hitting numbers fast. We are all so proud of her. She has done this in the wake of some medical issues, and fears that this will never work for her. Yet, she knows it is working for her, and it will work for her, so while at times there are doubts, she knows this is where she belongs and that she will finish this with us. 

And while losing 50 lbs is awesome, she’s convinced herself that her 60 lbs B&As are going to be the big reveal for her, so we are going to cheer her on toward her next ten pounds so she can get that 60 she has set her heart on!

She is going to be on hot mama! 

Jenna does our Wholy Rawkers diet with a minimum of 45 minutes of walking a day

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