Jenna’s 25 lbs Gone Before and Afters

Woo Hoo! Jenna hit her 25 lbs gone mark, and you can see it in the photos below. She had a slow start, but picked up on our Rawk Starz Diva Challenge and has had amazing losses the past few weeks.  We are expecting lots more from her!! Or rather, lots less!

Jenna 25 lb Gone Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

This past Friday night, Jenna found herself mourning her old foods and feeling down in the dumps. She reached out to the women in her challenge group and asked for support, which they immediately gave her. Instead of quitting, instead of giving in to the desire to chuck it and eat off plan, she went to the gym and put in two hours on the treadmill.  That was her big hero moment of the weekend and how she came to earn her 25 lbs gone incentive chip! We are all so proud of her.

Jenna is doing the Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day



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