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Jessica is at camp to lose 100 lbs. She is a returning member and gets how we work. She is working closely with us to figure out what needs to change in her thinking so this is the last time she ever has to go through weight loss.

I am happy to say she is truly exploring her habits and what triggers her food issues. I have no doubt she is not just here for weight loss, but for lifetime changes.

It’s an honor to work with her. She has great focus and determination and is a great role model for all our other members.

Jessica Hits 90 lbs Gone in 8 Months! – August 24, 2018


What a difference 90 lbs can make!



In Her Own Words

Carlene asks each of our ladies who do before and afters that when they hit 60 lbs gone they answer the following questions to share with the world. Here are Jessica’s Answers in Her Own Words:

1. Tell us about yourself and where you were physically and mentally before joining RFBC:

I’m a 39 year old mom to a 4, 8 and a 12 year old. I’ve been married for 9 years to my current husband. I work full time and I run my own business online. Prior to coming to Raw Food Boot Camp I weighed 256 lbs. I hated seeing pictures of myself and looking in the mirror. I always put my own health last. I felt moody and tired.


2. What have you learned the most about yourself and your relationship with food since starting RFBC?

I joined RFBC 6 years ago and I lost all of my extra weight. I thought that I was cured of obesity because I was thin so I let the diet and exercise go and I got pregnant and in a few years gained all the weight back that I had lost. I know now that I am always going to have to watch what I eat and exercise is going to be a life long habit. This time I am going to learn which foods I can eat and still maintain a healthy body weight.


3. What Physical and mental health benefits have you noticed since joining RFBC?

I am calmer and more patient. I crave exercise. I feel better after I exercise. I feel good about how I look. I don’t get tired when traveling and site seeing when I have to walk a lot because I’ve been training for it. It feels good to really be able to enjoy my vacations because of my increased physical endurance.


4. What have been some of the biggest highlights of your journey?

I noticed a huge difference between my 40 lbs lost and 50 lbs lost photos in terms of my body losing inches.

I feel content with myself and more patient than I ever have to continue improving my body and discovering the right diet for me. In the past I just wanted to lose the weight as fast as possible but now I am learning to embrace the journey. I have seen this in other areas of my life too (this rush to get to my goal) and now it’s time to congratulate myself on the progress that I have made and to enjoy the process.


5. What advice would you offer your readers and newbies at RFBC so they might enjoy your type of success?

My weight loss really wasn’t that fast by RFBC standards. I ate too much fat and I wasn’t getting my heart rate up and had to switch from walking outside to on the treadmill. Anyone can achieve these results or better by making a consistent effort. If you do the exercise and listen to Carlene’s suggestions to tweak your diet you can have faster weight loss that I did. I am not perfect and unlike the first time that I came to RFBC I do not try to be perfect because that’s not something that I can maintain long term.

On May 1, 2018, Jessica won our 20 lbs in 2 Months Challenge. Congratulations Jessica.

On May 1, 2018, Jessica won our 20 lbs in 2 Months Challenge. Congratulations Jessica.

Jessica Hit 70 lbs Gone in 6 Months

Jessica has about 30 lbs more to go. Be ready for those goal photos by the end of summer.


Jessica hits 60 lbs Gone in 4.5 Months!

That’s 10 lbs in the 3 Weeks!

If she thought the difference between her 40 and 50 lbs gone photos were great, I can’t wait to hear what she has to say about these!

Jessica loses 50 lbs in just 15 Weeks

And she did this with a vacation to Hawaii in the mix

Jessica 50 lbs gone on raw food diet at Raw Food Boot Camp

Jessica 40 lbs Gone in 12 Weeks


Jessica’s 25 lbs Gone in 6 Weeks

Jessica’s first few weeks at camp were slower as she settled into what worked best for her.

Now she is doing our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking.

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