Before Joining RFBC Checklist

We Are Not about Trying We are about Doing!

RFBC is about the long haul. We are about beating obesity, not accepting it as part of who we are. We don’t try here. We don’t validate excuses, we don’t justify not following through. We are for the committed. Those who like Carlene believe obesity is not okay and they want the fat gone and they want it gone now!

RFBC is about Commitment and Determination!

Nothing about RFBC is easy. Many join Raw Food Boot Camp not knowing what or who we are. They jump in and join because of the before and afters without knowing if we are for them or not. So before you join, go through this checklist. You will need to be a Free Member and logged in before you can access some of these pages. If you aren’t you will see either a 404 Page Not Found error or a permissions error.

  1. Know that you are at the point in your life where you are so tired of being obese and or sick that you are willing to be committed and determined to stick to something regardless of how bad you want to give in. Your heart, not just your mind needs to in this game.
  2. Know our diet. The Rawk Starz diet is strict yet proven over 15 years to give results and health. If you are obese, it will work for you. If you have been thin most of your life, it may not give you the same weight loss. Our diet is proven for quick healthy weight loss.
  3. Be prepared, have all your food bought and ready for your first day.
  4. Set aside extra time your first day to get a few extra tasks done.
  5. Be ready to commit to daily participation (about 45 minutes a day). Each and every day.
  6. Do not join the week before you are leaving for vacation or when you have other things planned and won’t have time to give to the diet. Wait for the when you will have the time to devote.

As a team, we want your commitment and participation. Please don’t join if you feel our rules shouldn’t apply to you.

We have a strict No Refund rule. All membership fees are pay as you go. It is up to you each month to manually renew your membership.

To join RFBC you have to want to become part of RFBC! That’s a good thing, I promise.

Start off in Orientation for $69 for the first 2 weeks with shared photos or $109 for no photos.
After Oreintation you get to choose if you want to continue with us as a regular member for $149 per month for shared photos or $199 per month for no photos.


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