RFBC July 10 lb Challenge Winners!

We had a great challenge with 10 winners. Each winner received a free week of camp and a certificate. This certificate will appear on their Journey Pages when they reach 60 lbs gone. It was an exciting day at camp as we celebrated these women’s great success.

These ten women lost a total of lost 152.1 lbs in July. That is equivalent to one overweight woman disappearing into the ether! Or 883,772 excited bees! How awesome is that?


Winner’s List and total lbs lost in July 

Cjane – 21.4 lbs

Crystal – 20.0 lbs

Elain – 18.4 lbs

January – 16.8 lbs

Britmom – 16 lbs

LeeLee – 15.2 lbs

IamAmy – 11.6 lbs

In2Life – 11.2 lbs

Brenda – 10.9

FoodHealer – 10.6

In total, they won 2.5 months of free camp!

Here’s Crystals Certificate as an example of what I made for them.

Honorable Mention goes to Coco with 8.4 lbs lost
And we had two women who didn’t do the challenge, but so would have won it.

Melanie – 14.4 lbs (she signed up for August’s challenge)
Ange – 13.2 lbs

It was a great month.

Everyone is getting signed up for our August 10 and 6 lb Challenges and we are still offering our Genie Challenge.

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