KaCastro 50 lbs in 3.5 Months Before and Afters

What a week the Divas are having. Today, KaCastro hit 50 lbs gone in 3.5 months using a raw food diet for fast weight loss. At times she wonders if it’s fast weight loss. But seriously. 50 lbs in 3.5 months is awesome.

KaCastro is one of our divas. She does our 100% low fat, low sodium, low sugar raw diets with a minimum of 2 hours of walking a day. Lately, she’s taken that up to 3 hours a day. You so don’t have to do that. I did, but you don’t. 

This week KaCastro is helping our new group of divas in their first ever challenge. She has become such a voice at camp. Always encouraging her team, always up even when the scale sticks at points, always saying, hey, it will come off, no worry. This is what makes her a true diva. She knows the process, she trusts it, and she sticks to it.

I know, I speak for all of us at RFBC. We are very proud of her.

KaCastro's 50 lbs Fast Weight Loss with a Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

KaCastro offered to show her face in her before and afters. You won’t have to do that unless you offer (I rarely ask) or you’re doing our 100 lb challenge. I’m so glad she offered. Look at her face. Wow, she’s a new woman. The fifty pounds are really showing. Check out her back view. I love before and afters. They really show the truth behind the health of our diet and how great walking is for us. 

Thanks KaCastro for sharing. 

KaCastro is a Rawk Starz Diva doing our Rawk Starz diet with a minimum of 2 hours of walking a day.



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