Kace 3 Months 3 Days and 70 lbs Gone!

Kace is a 100 lbs in 7 Month Challenger and a 50 lbs in 12 Weeks Winner

 I know, I know, it was just ten days ago that I posted Kace’s 60 lbs gone before and afters and here she is with her 70lbs gone ones. And they are awesome!!

On her 60’s, there wasn’t a big difference between them and her 50 lb gone photos, which was a little disappointing for her (you can see those by clicking here and going to her journey page) because Jenna at camp is always telling us how 60 lbs gone is the big one. Obviously, not true for Kace. The difference between these and her 60’s looks like 20 lbs. How cool is that?

All right, I’m excited. She looks fantastic. She had to go get new passport photos today and the photographer commented on how beautifully she photographed. Wow.

What’s Kace’s secret, besides sticking to her plan. She has this inner desire to catch up with her mentor CJane. She was very frustrated. Two weeks ago, her weight seemed to be at standstill. Everyone hits sticky points, it’s frustrating, it’s deflating, but it is part of the process. Your body takes a break from giving up the weight to do whatever it seems to need to do, but then when it’s ready, you drop all the weight you would have during the sticky point. It is so predictable, that I tell everyone, that I will get to come back and say, I told you so! As I did with with Kace.

Her sticky point was right before her 60 lbs gone. I think these photos show how important it is to let those sticky points play out. Her body knew what it was doing. Have I said wow enough? 

Kace, I speak for us all, you have transformed, and we are so proud to be on this journey with you. 

Kace 70 lbs Gone with a Fast Weight Loss Raw Food Diet

What does it take to do this? Want! You have to want this for it to happen. We can all see how bad Kace wants it. What about you. Yes, our diet is tough. Yes, we walk a lot, but look at the difference 3 months and 3 days can make. 

Kace does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a day. 



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