Kace Hits 114 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet

Since winning our 100 lbs in 7 Months Challenge in July, Kace has so far won 8 more free weeks of camp by keeping up with our continuing challenge requirements. Very cool!! Her next photos will be at 125 lbs gone. More importantly, she is just 7.2 lbs from reaching Onederland.

Kace started RFBC less than nine months ago at over 300 lbs, and now, within the next few weeks, she will see that magical 199 on her scale. This is a huge moment for anyone who hasn’t been in the one hundreds for a long time. It’s like stepping into a new land. And one of the most fun parts is that once you hit Onederland those clothes sizes tend to go down and down very fast. We are all excited to watch this final transformation for Kace, she is such a pillar at camp.


As you can see, the transformation for Kace is remarkable. She looks stunning. For women who come to camp with over 150 lbs to lose, it can feel daunting at times, but this is Kace in less than 9 months. Just imagine what she will look like at the end of the year. I’m hoping for goal. In a year. Or less. This is what I love about our plan. For those who are willing to work it, it works, and the proof is here. It’s not always easy, everyone struggles here and there, but with support and a daily reminder that all it takes is perseverance, beautiful things can happen. Just look at Kace!

Kace does our Rawk Starz diet with 2 hours of Walking a Day


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