Kace Hits 60 lbs Gone in 2.75 Months!

Kace was bummed last week. Her weight lost seemed to slow, that scale wasn’t moving, frustration was brewing. Yet, she asked for help and stuck to her plan. On Friday, she hit 60 lbs gone with a big sigh of relief that the stick had unstuck.

There is a second challenge to the 50 lb in 12 weeks challenge that she won a couple weeks ago. Lose 12 more pounds in 4 weeks and you get 4 more free weeks of camp. Two pounds over the weekend. Could she do it? It was going to take a miracle.

Here is how stalls and sticky points work, when they break, you lose all the weight you should have lost during the stick. That’s what happened, and today Sunday, she informed us that she hit 63 lbs gone!! That means four more weeks of camp on us! Woo Hoo, Kace, Congratulations.

Now she is working toward catching up with her mentor, CJane!


Check out Kace’s new Journey page by Clicking Here!

Kace does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day 

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