Kace’s 25 lbs Gone in 3.5 Weeks B&As

We are so proud of Kace and the enthusiasm and just do it attitude she brought to camp. On Jan 5th, she hit 25 lbs gone and is now going after that 40 lb mark to officially become one of our 100 lb Challengers. I wrote to her after I put her collage together trying to let her know that sometimes seeing the first 25 lbs is tough in these photos. Many women see the first 25 and get disappointed. Not Kace. She knew she was on a journey and that these were just the first marker. Her attitude is right on track to be a 100 lb winner. I can’t wait to add her to our list.

Kace 25 lbs gone fast weight loss with a raw food diet before and afters

Kace is doing our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of walking a Day



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