Katy hits 25 lbs Gone in 9 Weeks

On June 14th, Kay hit 25 lbs gone. These first 25 took 9 weeks, but we worked and found that switching her from our Rawk Starz diet to our Wholy Rawkers diet worked much better for her. Katy has an illness that when she extends too much energy, she is bed ridden for a few days to recuperate. Up until this past week, she has had to exercise in small amounts to keep herself mobile. Most would have given up over all this, but Katy, well, she’s different. She has lived with this most of her life, and uses every up moment she has to give to her family and herself. I am in awe of this woman.

This past week, she realized, if she walked along the beach, the cool water regulated her temperature so she was able to walk further, 2 hours! And not have to rest the next day. She is thrilled. I am thrilled. As of today, she has lost 32 pounds in less than 12 weeks, and now that she has found sea walking will do even better.

There are women who come to camp and inspire us with who they are. Katy is one of these women. She never complains, she never falls into oh woe is me, she lives with her condition and always does her best. It is an honor to have her here at camp.


Katy does our Wholy Rawk Starz diet with anywhere from no walking to 2 hours a day. 

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