Katy Hits 40 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet

Katy hit 40 lbs gone this week. I can’t even begin to express how proud I am of her. She has a lifelong illness that causes her to exhaust herself easily, catch infections easily and end up in bed to recover. When she started camp, these bouts would have her in bed for days. Now, this summer, she rented a motor home so she had a place to rest between excursions. She did so many fun amazing things, visited family, went to museums, you name it. I was excited reading each days events. She had this amazing summer adventure because she knew her limits and found a way to enjoy life around them. I am so proud of her. She epitomizes everything we stand for at camp. Her illness is never an excuse. Her food is spot on. When she joined, it was with the understanding that she would walk when she could, and it’s been a lot more than I ever expected. She’s even been doing her sons paper route! I am humbled by her dedication.


Oh and she is looking good too!!

Katy does our Wholy Rawkers Diet and Walks when she is able


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