Katy Hits 50 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet

We are all so proud of Katy. She has shed 50 lbs since joining RFBC under circumstances others would have folded. Katy has major health issues. She’s had them most of her life. And while there are many days she is in bed from her disease and can’t walk, she has never broken her food plan and these 50 lbs have come off rather nicely.

Katy will be joining in on our Raw for Health program, kind of assisting me in helping those that participate. She has seen first hand what a raw food diet can do for health. While it isn’t curing her and doesn’t protect her from the things in life that set her back, her recovery time is much shorter, her energy higher, and her up time longer. I’ve said it before, but Katy inspires all of us at RFBC. It is such an honor having her doing this with us.


Katy does our Wholy Rawkers Diet with walking as she can


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