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Kmcfarlane started with us back in March of 2017, her first 70 lbs came off fast, as did so many of the women who started last year. Then fall came and a complacency seemed to take over. Kmcfarlane was very close to her goal. She was looking good, feeling good, and had a lot of life to take care of. So her journey slowed. He weight went between 70 lbs and 80 lbs gone month after month. She wanted to finish it off, but each time she drew near, she seemed to run back to the 70 lb gone mark. And while this at times seemed frustrating and even sometimes unbelievable, she never gave up, she never left camp. She wanted it and regardless of what subconscious reason she didn’t want to quite take that leap over the 80 lbs gone mark she still believed in her dream, RFBC and that together we could get her to goal.

So here we are looking at her 80 lbs gone photos and knowing it was worth the struggle. She has ten pounds left to get to her goal weight and has joined our 10 lbs in a Month Challenge to do it.

I am so proud of her. It takes real courage to stick things out when something inside is screaming no I don’t want to go!


Kmcfarlane’s 80 lbs Gone Before and Afters


In Her Own Words

Carlene asks each of our ladies who do before and afters that when they hit 60 lbs gone they answer the following questions to share with the world. Here are Kmcfarlane’s Answers at 80 lbs gone  in Her Own Words:

1. Tell us about yourself and where you were physically and mentally before joining RFBC:

Hi, I’m Kmcfarlane, 42 years old, single mom of 2 teenage girls.  I work an office job full time, and also a retail job part time, and reside in Iowa.

Before coming to RFBC, I had tried pretty much every diet out there.  I have always felt like I was “the bigger girl” in a group of friends.   I had a decent looking face, but I was always the one standing in the back, hiding my body in pictures.  As long as I can remember, I have wanted to lose weight.  I tried other programs, unsafe diet pills, read the books, signed up for intense exercise programs, but nothing worked.  I have gone through a divorce, then another relationship afterwards that failed, and I literally gave up on my weight.  On the nights I didn’t have my girls, I would spend my nights on the couch with a piece of crap food in one hand, and a glass of off plan beverage in the other.

Health wise, I felt sluggish, I always needed that high-sugar snack in the middle of the afternoon to stay awake.  I woke up tired, and went to bed tired.  Due to health related issues in my family such as cancer, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure, I had become more and more interested in health.  I got interested in raw food documentaries, and was interested in the weight loss that people could benefit from it, as well.  I had decided to join RFBC after stumbling across it on a social media website.


2. What have you learned the most about yourself and your relationship with food since starting RFBC?

I have learned a lot about myself and food since joining RFBC.  It is so much more than just a camp to lose weight.  It has made me realize how much I relied on my good buddy Food.  And I’m not just talking in celebratory events, or even sad emotions.  Food was crutch, my lover, my distraction, and my comfort.  Having anxiety?  Let’s go out for Chinese.  Bad news at work?  Let’s go have apps and desserts.  Breaking that seduction is probably the best thing I’ve learned since joining RFBC.  Food is so overrated, yet it is everywhere.  It even has it’s own TV channel!!!  I have also learned that when dieting, consistency is key.  I went a whole season (winter) on the merry-go-round of 10 pounds, but finally broke that.  I wasn’t being consistent with my diet.  Also, the days of eating over emotions must end.  Food is a fuel source, and that’s it.  Period. Eating primarily fruit is not going to hurt me.  Other diets claim that fruit has too much sugar, or too many carbs.

Off plan foods lead me down a dark slope that turn me to that vicious cycle of sugar, then salt, then sugar, then salt, etc.  The fat brain doesn’t care about this, and learning to tell her to shut up is crucial.



3. What Physical and mental health benefits have you noticed since joining RFBC?

The proof is in the numbers…

(Below is what I wrote Feb 4th, 2018)

I am grateful for my improved Biometric screening results compared to one year ago.  It is really neat to see actual health benefits, not just the weight loss.  My primary workplace offers this every year, the first week of February.  March 13th will be my year anniversary with RFBC, and although I’m not 100% perfect at it, the Rawk Starz diet has been good to me this last year.

Take a look:

February 2nd, 2017 versus February 2nd, 2018:

Weight:  228/156

Blood Pressure:  130/86 versus 110/80

BMI:  36.8/25.67

Body Fat %:  43.1/29.8

Total Cholesterol:  123/111

HDL Cholesterol:  53/54

LDL Cholesterol:  54/39

Triglycerides:  79/90


So those are the physical benefits…now for the mental:

I really am beyond relieved I have found RFBC.  Losing weight is mainly physical, but it is also a mental challenge as well.  Mentally, I have a lot more clarity and focus in my life.  I feel like I can conquer more things, and get more tasks accomplished that I wouldn’t dream of doing obese.  I have regained my confidence, I feel younger, and also have a sense of loving life again.  I am more aware, and more engaged in what I feel is important in my life.  Less work, more play is one of them.

I will be attending surf camp, my life-long dream in less than a year.  (details and dates TBD)  Staying obese would keep this dream only as a dream, not a reality.  I’m making it a reality.  Soon.


4. What have been some of the biggest highlights of your journey?

My highlights are hitting Onederland, my first big drop off of clothes to a consignment store, the first time someone asked me what I was doing to lose weight, and entering into a summer season THIN for the first time in my life.


5. What advice would you offer your readers and newbies at RFBC so they might enjoy your type of success?

I would say that if you want it, then do it.  I would not say this is easy, but neither is being fat.  I would rather struggle with the weight loss, than struggle with living in the fat suit.

Don’t overthink it, just come and get the best advice, support, and accountability.  Learn about the world’s healthiest diet that exists.  No more excuses.  The time is now.  If not now, when?

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