Wow, I forgot I didn’t put out a newsletter for this. I did Facebook and our blog, but didn’t do the newsletter. So here it is. Of course she won the challenge on August 21st. She has her $500 Visa Card and earned her challenge group the ability to earn up to 3 free weeks of camp. It was an exciting time. It still is. VeggieLover, Anne, Skip and PurpleKale all won two free weeks from the challenge. Of course Kmik won the biggest prize, 100 lbs gone in 7 months!! Actually, she lost 110 lbs in those 7 months.

Here’s a funny story. Facebook would not let me boost a post that said she won. They said it was unrealistic and unlikely. I tried to show them her progression, month after month, and they wrote back saying, the decision was made and there would be no more dicussion about it! Oh well, their loss! Or rather, their member’s loss for being told that fast weight loss is only accessible through unhealthy diets, pills or surgery. We know better!

Kmik in all her beauty!

Kmik Before and Afters of 100 lbs Gone 


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