Kypie Hits 80 lbs Gone in 9 Months

Kypie did not win a challenge, she wasn’t the fastest loser at camp, and she wasn’t perfect. Yet, by RFBC standards she is a real hero and a true inspiration of what a woman can do when she really wants something.

She has learned so much about her weight loss struggle and developed many new habits and attitudes about her relationship with food. These changes are what will carry her weight loss through maintenance and life.

Kypie has done what I wish all who enter camp can. She has persevered, she has faced the reality of her food issues and whether it is a downpour or cold day, she has faced all her exercise excuses and got out there anyway.

But, she hasn’t done what you can’t. Anyone and everyone can have Kypie’s success. All you have to do is not give up on the diet or yourself. You have to stay and fight even when your motivation is short or even gone. You have to trust the RFBC process and yourself and know that even when it seems like you want to give up, your dream is possible if you just stick it out one more day.

Kypie's Qucik Weight Loss at Raw Food Boot Camp

Kypie in her youth was an athlete. The biggest obstacle she has faced when it comes to change is that her body has changed. Her fat brain keeps telling her that her metabolism is different because she’s an athlete, but reality keeps telling her otherwise. This was Kypie’s biggest achievement. Learning that facing this reality was the only way to accept how to stay slim and healthy for life.

Reality can be a cruel mistress, yet she holds the answers that resolve much of life’s obstacles.

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