Kypie Hits 70 lbs Gone in 6.5 months

But before we go there, I want you to look at the huge difference between her 60 lbs gone and 70 lbs gone before and afters.

These are 10 lbs Gone B&As

How did this happen? I mean look at that huge difference. Well, there is a reason: Walking!

Between Kypies 50 and 60 lb gone B&As, she pulled a hamstring muscle and couldn’t walk. Now she is back to walking and hiking and see the huge changes it made to her body. Yes, ten pounds is a big loss at her current weight, but still, these photos tell a much bigger story. Look how her body changed. That is the power of walking!

Here are her true 70 lbs Gone B&As

Kypie’s Math–In her own words (what she wrote when she sent me the photos)

Pretty excited to be heading into the holidays with 70 lbs gone! I was thinking–in the past I have gained 8-10 pounds during the holidays. This year if I lose 8-10 pounds that is a 16-20 pound weight difference! It’s easy to think a 5-8 pound weight gain is not that much, but when you consider that you could have made progress with weight loss, it is a bigger deal. I’m happy to be gaining some momentum right now and want to do everything I can to keep the fire stoked and make these lifetime changes!

Thanks for all you do–for all your patience, encouragement, and butt-kicking :-).
RFBC has changed, and is continuing to change, my life!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for you!


Think about that. 16-20 lbs gone in reality when you consider the truth of your average weight loss over the holidays.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. When you’re eating, even if you’re thinking you’ll diet on Friday, imagine how awesome it would be not to have that one last splurge and instead eat for health, choose wisely, and push that plate away before it is empty.

We like the image of pulling a silk black dress over our heads and having it slide down our bodies without getting stuck on our bellies or hips. Imagine how New Year’s Eve would feel then!

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