Low Glycemic Load Fruits

Low glycemic load fruits are the mainstay of RFBC’s diets. The high fiber of these fruits slow down digestion and allow our liver and pancreas to not get overloaded with their sugars. This is important for those with PCOS, Insulin Resistance, and Diabetes. The high fiber content of these fruits also slows digestion which means we are full longer. You can’t go wrong with low glycemic load fruits. Read my article Diabetes and Fruit over at the Health Foodist Webzine.

At Raw Food Boot Camp, we only eat fruit with a glycemic load of 10 or under. On the papayas, if they are very ripe, pass on them. They are known to slow/stall weight loss. While bananas are on our Rawk Starz fruit list, for fast weight loss, ditch them. Same with grapes.

G = Glycemic

Fruit  G Index Portion Size G Load
Lime 24 120g 1
Strawberry 41 120g 1
Apricot 23 120g 3
Grapefruit 25 120g 3
Lemon 25 120g 3
Cantaloupe 67 120g 4
Guava 78 120g 4
Nectarines 30 120g 4
Oranges 44 120g 4
Pear 38 120g 4
Watermelon 72 120g 4
Blueberries 54 120g 5
Peach 28 120g 5
Plum 24 120g 5
Apple 38 120g 6
Pineapple 66 120g 6
Kiwi 52 120g 7
Mango 56 120g 8
Cherries 22 120g 9
Prunes 29 60g 10
Banana 55 120g 11
Grapes 46 120g 11
Figs 60 60g 16
Papaya 59 120g 17
Dates 36 60g 18
Raisins 64 60g 28

Check out our Rawk Starz Diet for fast weight loss guidelines.

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