How To Maintain Weight Loss

One of the biggest fears expressed by those who join Raw Food Boot Camp® is how to maintain weight loss. Many of us have lost hundreds of pounds throughout our lives, just to gain it back.

I’ve always offered options to maintain weight loss to those who lose weight with us and reach their goal, but in truth, it wasn’t enough. Everyone wants to be cured. And I’m sad to say, it’s not that easy. Just because we’re thin, we cannot go back to eating “normal” foods like our skinny cousins. Instead everyone has to find the right life plan. This used to happen only after hitting goal, now we have a new program called:

Phase II to Maintain Weight Loss.

It’s happened more often than I would like to admit. Members lose 100 lbs, or even 75. They have gone from wearing size 3X clothes into a size 12 or even 14. The desire, need to keep up fast weight loss, dies. And they start to pull away from camp, they want freedom, they want to be cured. They do not want to have to work to maintain weight loss or even continue to reach goal.

So now, as I notice this starting to happen, members will enter the Phase II program which we loving call our Special Needs program. This program is all about digging deep to discover why the desire to finish off and maintain weight loss is gone. It can be a tough program because no longer are you allowed to use old standby excuses. Here you are not just cautioned to change I can’t to I will, you are made to. Not just by Carlene, but by your peers as well.

We break down each bad behavior and fat brain lie on an individual basis and as a group expose the truth by dissecting them. This program is only open to long term members who have lost substantial weight and then lost their drive and is by invite only. Call it our back up plan!

Maintenance in Training to Maintain Weight Loss

As members reach their goal weight, they are invited to do our Maintenance in Training to help them discover how they as an individual can maintain weight loss based on who their food preferences, lifestyle, and activity levels.

Here they will still work with weight loss, but with greater options and at a slower pace. This will give them a taste for what is to come, time to learn what they will be able to do with success to maintain weight loss. It is during this phase of their program, that they will explore the real truth about their future and food and how to maintain weight loss. What they can do with success and what they aren’t quite ready for.

This program requires work. Members must research old foods and foods that trip them up to discover why they have not been able to maintain weight loss in the past. They must come to terms with the fact that to maintain weight loss there are certain foods and old habits that can no longer be part of their life. They must know what they can do in moderation and what can open them up for a binge.

In this program, you will design your core diet. This is the diet you will base every day of your life on to maintain weight loss. It will be the base 1200 calories of your day to ensure you are always nourishing your body before satisfying your appetite. A well nourished body has fewer cravings, helps balance emotions, and offers the energy to stand strong to maintain weight loss.

There is no quick fix to obesity, regardless of how fast we lose the weight. To live slim and healthy, takes work. Nothing like fast weight loss, but it does take being conscientious about food choices to maintain weight loss for life. Sorry, I know that’s not what anyone wants to hear, but it’s the truth. And as I said before, we are all about being honest here at Raw Food Boot Camp.

Maintenance Phase to Maintain Weight Loss

Once you know how to live, you make a daily plan. This is how you will eat for the rest of your life. Day in, day out. Will there be times you eat off this plan. Sure. This is life. But if you accept the fact that while there may be days you aren’t perfect, that to live a long healthy life, you always have to go back to your basic life plan, you will be able to maintain weight loss. Of course, if you say to yourself day after day, I’ll get back to my plan tomorrow, that weight will come back. So, if you want to hang out with us, be accountable to us and yourself, after three months of paid maintenance, and a total of 9 months of paid membership you are welcome to continue with us for as long as you like as long as you maintain your weight withing 5 pounds of the goal that you and Carlene set. You don’t have to be at camp daily, but you need to weigh in at least once a week that first year, and then once a month after that.

Do you have to live raw the rest of your life to Maintain Weight Loss?

While we use a raw food diet to lose weight fast and get healthy, we do not see ourselves as raw foodists, but rather health foodists! There are few obese men and women who see themselves 100% raw for the rest of their lives. So, in both our Maintenance in Training and our Maintenance program, we urge a minimum of 50% raw and then living on whole healthy foods. Vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, we don’t care. This is your life, your health. We do have guidelines we work with for maintenance: 1600-2000 (for women) calories a day. Max 20% fat per day. Min 10% protein. Max 1200 mg sodium per day. And recommend 45 minutes a day of cardio, for life.

What we care about more than anything else is your life long health and happiness. Food plays a major role in that. Our goal is to teach you how to let it play it’s proper role and not be the reason for your existence.


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