March 2014 – Discussion Topic
Emotional Eating

Throughout March, we are going to talk about emotional eating. Why we do it, and how to break the habit. Yes, habit.

We have all been taught to eat over emotions. We get hurt, mommy gives us a piece of chocolate. We have a break up and every movie and TV show tells us go get a pint of ice cream. These are learned behaviors. We believe that by eating the hurt and sadness will go away. 

We also use food as a drug. Instead of dealing with emotions, we numb ourselves with food. At RFBC, we no longer do that. We find other methods to placate the emotions, methods that will work if practiced. 

Some break emotional eating immediately. Some take a lot of practice at it. Either way, it is doable if it is something you want to do, and face it, if you have weight issues, eating over emotions is not going to let you lose the weight or keep it off once it’s gone. 

So come join us in March, and get a handle on your emotional eating.


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