August 2016 – Genie 120 Days Offer

This offer has been extended through our Sept 5th Start Date to Honor Mona hitting Goal in 6 Months with 75  lbs gone and a total of 110 lbs gone from her first time at RFBC!

Please choose the 13 week special on the payment page. The additional 4 weeks will be added manually to your membership.

JeanBAGoalFrontIf a Genie appeared and said, come work hard for me for 4 months and I will give you your hearts desire, would you do it. Would you work your tail off for 4 months to get what you have wanted so long. Of course, they all said yes.

Click here to listen to the audio. (This audio is from when JeanJean hit goal in 134 days)

The response was fantastic. Jenna proposed creating a Genie board, basically a calendar that she can mark off each of the 120 days as she worked to her goal weight. Others jumped on that and now almost everyone is creating this visual board.

Here is how Alpha responded:

Todays audio was amazing…..I listened to it twice. Its one of those audios you can save and listen to again and again. For me, YES I am willing to put in the work to get to where I wanna be. The way Carlene outlines it makes me want it even more now. Its like , whats 4 months, 6 months, 8, 9, 10+months of your life to get the body u want. If u think about it like that, damn it makes me hungry for this change even more. Let JeanJeanBean’s goal photos fuel you…..its like poof, she is at goal, right before our eyes. I came to camp because of the before and afters and visualized that being me. And now I feel like, I have just mentally gotten to a place where I feel…..get to the damn finish line ALPHA by any means necessary. Woo hoo….audio really sparked me up.

Here is my offer to you!

Anyone who is up to do our 120 Genie Days with us. Regardless if it will take you all the way to goal, but to be with us and work your butt off, give us your best effort every day. I will make the following offer through our Sept 5th Start:

Join us with the 13 weeks (which is 3 month) special pricing and I will give you the 4 extra weeks free. That’s an extra $129 discount on camp. You have to sign up for our Regular and have not been part of our fee based camp in the past 3 months. Don’t worry, if you can’t do the 13 week special, you can still come do this with us on a 4 week by 4 week basis. No extra 4weeks, but still, you get to work diligently with the best. Like Mona and JennaThon who will use their next 120 days transitioning to maintenance.

But wait, don’t do this unless you are ready to do the commitment. We get women who join and see that it involves their time to be at camp and they don’t want to give us that time. This offer is not for them. You have to be willing to give camp a good 45 minutes a day, 7 days a week of your time. Sure we get vacations and the off days, but don’t sign up for camp if all you want is a quick fix and don’t feel you need to be part of what we do. 

RFBC is a dynamic place with wonderful women. Accountability is our strength. Be ready to be accountable for 120 days and see where that puts you in September. 60 lbs gone? Goal? Imagine that!

Remember, we never ask for perfection, just your best effort each and every day!

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If you have any questions or concerns email Carlene.

Don’t forget newbies of our Regular Membership can use the 2016Newbie coupon to get $15 off your first time fee based membership with us.



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