Meet DoneGirl4Life

A little over a week ago, I received these photos in my email. They were from a woman who had found Raw Food Boot Camp and decided she was going to try our program on her own. In three weeks she dropped 34 lbs. She was so excited, she decided to write to me and show me her before and after selfies. I was so impressed with her, not just her photos but her attitude, her focus, and her desire to continue, that I invited her to join us as my guest for the next 13 weeks  in exchange for these wonderful photos and for her to share her journey with you. 

DoneGirl4Life Raw Food Diet before and afters

She took me up on my offer and started Orientation this past week as DoneGirl4Life. As of today, she has lost 43.2 lbs.  I have new start photos that we will use as she continues her journey with us, but I had to show you who she is and set you up to keep your eye on her. After working with her for just this first week, I can tell you, she is a force all in herself. I am honored to have her as part of our Raw Food Boot Camp team. 



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