Menza’s 80 lbs Gone in 7 Months

Menza hit 80 lbs gone this past week. At times she has felt the losses have been slow, but let’s take a look at that. In seven months she has done what most can’t. 7 Months ago, in April, she looked at our webpages, she thought about what we do, and decided to take a chance. But just like everyone who joins, I’m sure there was as much doubt as excitement. Could this really happen for me? This only happens for others. Not me.

In that, she was wrong. I think she would tell you that this has been a long journey. We all tend to forget the accomplishment behind a loss like this. We look at it day to day, we compare ourselves against others, but the truth is, seven months ago, the idea of being in a size 8 for Menza was crazy. That was like looking for miracles. And yet, here she is, in her teenage daughter’s clothes looking fantastic. In just seven months! 

I applaud you Menza. I know your fellow divas cherish you and see you as an inspiration and mentor. You will all hit goal and maintenance as a team, one of the strongest teams we’ve ever had at camp. Congratulations.

Menza Fast Weight loss with raw food diet and 80 lbs gone before and after

Click Here to see all of Menza’s Before and Afters on her Journey Page

A raw food diet rawks. Fast weight loss is awesome. But health is our overall goal. Okay, you can’t see her face, but even by looking at the tone of her body, at the smooth of her arms, you can see the health. What we do here is good. And, I have to admit, even I am touched by not just the physical changes these women are making, but the lifelong changes in attitude about what they want health wise and food wise for the rest of their lives. None of them plans to be raw for life, but none plan on returning to old behaviors and habits either. They know now how good it feels to be healthy and plan to be with us through maintenance for a very long time.

I do believe, I do believe. In RFBC. What about you? 

Menza does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 hours of walking a day



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