Menza’s Hits 60 lbs Gone in 4.5 Months

 Menza is one of the busiest women I know. This weekend she is putting on a post-graduation party for her son. Then she is on to the next production her family theater is producing for the fall. Her home life is chaos half the time with so many teenagers in and out, so many deadlines. The other day, she wrote me and said she had this ominous feeling like she was doomed to fail. That happens, especially around the 4 month mark. Most of us aren’t used to dieting for this long, and if we do, this is the time we quit. But, for Menza, the answer was easy. I asked her about her plays and how often she gets that overwhelming sense of, how will we pull this off. She replied it was exactly how she felt a month before opening day. She panics, but then reminds herself get this thing done right now and then she’ll do the next thing until everything gets done, and if she misses something, so be it. The show will still be awesome. Just like her journey here!

Menzas 60 lbs Gone Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

Last week, Menza pulled a groin muscle and has been in a lot of pain. Diva that she is, she kept up her exercise by doing Chair Cardio. Today she wrote and told me she was antsy. She never thought she would need or rather want to exercise to feel right. This is all so very cool.

Menza does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day

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