Merci hits 90’s Gone in 8 Months!

Okay, this is mean of me, but last May where were you on your weight loss journey? If you had come to RFBC, hung with Merci, me and the others and with us faced your struggles like Merci did, enjoyed some great weeks, suffered through some bad, but kept getting up and pushing forward just imagine where you could have been today?

Okay, sorry for that. I’m just so proud of Merci and wish we could convince everyone that while this can be a struggle at times, it can be done if you don’t give up.

Merci lost her first 70 lbs very fast in just 4.5 months. Holidays came, and the loss slowed sometimes even went up. And while that up and down in bits and pieces hurts, it is something that if you don’t give up, if you believe in yourself as Merci does, trust in our process and keep fighting through all the reasons your fat brain wants to keep you fat, you can do this too.

Merci still has a ways to go. She still has things to work through, but she has embraced her dreams and has chosen to not give up just because it’s hard. That’s what everyone has to do. Just because what we want in life is hard, because it takes effort and a continual push on ourselves doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.  Merci is proof it is.

Just think, in 9 months, on Sept 22, it could be your before and afters, possibly at goal that I am holding up to others saying, in just 9 months she changed her life.

Okay, enough. Here are three collages of Merci.

I created her 90 lbs gone before and afters.

I was so excited when I saw these, I decided I wanted to see more. So I pulled out her 50 lbs gone before and afters and added them. Here those are:

Then I admit, I got greedy, I wanted to see more so I added her 25 lbs gone to the collage. Take a look. See what she has done in 8 months!





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