Today, Michelle Hit 60 lbs Gone in 13.5 Weeks

Michelle fought for her 40 lbs in 8 weeks, but then wow! She lost the next 10 lbs in 3 weeks.  She then lost the next ten pounds in 2.5 weeks!! She worried the other day she may have hit a sticky point. I set her straight on that one! 🙂 When she won the 50 lb Challenge, she received four free weeks of camp. She had to lose 12 more pounds in 4 weeks to earn a second four free weeks of camp. Well, she’s at 2.5 weeks and already dropped 10, so I guess that’s a shoe in! 

Michelle 60 lbs Gone Raw Food Diet Fast Weight Loss Before and Afters

Michelle is such a strong, solid, Rawk Starz Diva at camp. In her 13.5 weeks, she has not once broken her plan or skipped a day of walking. That’s how I did it, and most of our other 100 lb Winners did it. What about you? 

Think back. Where were you on May 11th, Michelle’s start date at RFBC. Could you have imagined being 60 lbs thinner by today, August 15th? 

Many think when they see these types of results, that this woman, Michelle, is different, she’s unique, she’s special. Well, in some ways she is. What sets her apart from others is her sheer determination to no longer be stuck in a fat suit. She has decided she wants to live and enjoy her life. Not sit around waiting for the fat suit to shed on its own, but to remove it, to peel it off with each piece of fruit she eats and each step she takes. Other than that desire to just do this, she is just like everyone else. You can easily say, if Michelle can do it, so can I. But you have to want it as bad as she has and refuse to give into excuses, emotions, and fat brain lies.

Michelle is a major player at RFBC. Her desire to stay on plan daily, inspires and encourages us all. I know I can speak for all the women at camp. We are all very proud of Michelle and are thankful for what she brings to RFBC.

Michelle does our Rawk Starz diet with 2 hours of walking each day

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