Michelle Hits 70 lbs Gone in Less than 4 Months!

She won the 50 lbs gone in 12 weeks challenge in 11 Weeks

She is one of our 100 lbs in 7 Month Challengers

Imagine that. 70 lbs in less than 4 months, and feeling great. What more could you ask for from a dieting program. But I’m not going to tell you, I’m going to let Michelle tell you. I have copied, with her permission, two posts she made this past week in response to our discussion thread. Needless to say, we are all so proud of, and motivated by Michelle’s diligence. Even when not feeling well this past week (I think it’s her second round of detox), she has never wavered. From day one she has done our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 hours of walking a day. Now, let her motivate you!

Oh yeah, with winning the 50 lb challenge, she earned 4 free weeks of camp with the ability to earn 4 more, if she hit 12 more pounds gone in the next 4 weeks. She so did that. So she will not get another 4 free weeks of camp, and as of today, she is just 1.2 lbs away from hitting 75 lbs gone and earning a coupon worth $75 off her next membership fees which are far from now! 

Michelle 70 lbs Gone Fast Weight Loss Before and After


We were talking about dealing with a fickle scale. Here is what Michelle had to say. 

 “This time” is going to be my “last time” of having to take weight off.  This time I am doing it for a change of health, a change of attitude, a change of perception, a change of fitness, but most importantly a CHANGE OF LIFE.

A few months ago I was thinking about how I would have ____when I reached goal.  What? Why in the heck would I be thinking of what crap food I wanted to eat when I finally get to the weight I dreamed of.  Skip forward to today…
I am looking at the water when I go over the river bridge and thinking how good it looks for a kayak ride.  I am thinking about the color run my daughter and I are going to do.  I am thinking about what trail my son and I can go on for a bike ride.  I am thinking about being active and happy and fit and I am thinking about finally being the role model when it comes to food and fitness and health that my children need to help them be fit and healthy adults.
I still have changes to do with my fat brain, but every day I get better and feel better and every day I learn more about myself and more about how and why I want to live a healthy and fit life for the rest of my time here on Earth.
I will NEVER forget how I felt when I joined RFBC and I will NEVER be like that again.  It is baby steps, every second, every minute, every day I am getting there and I know that I NEVER want to go back to being morbidly obese again. 
I can finally say out loud that I AM WORTH IT!!  I am worth the life that I want to live and I am worth working for and I am worth feeling proud of !!
Yesterday, we were talking about having as much faith in ourselves as we have in the RFBC Programs. Here’s what Michelle had to say. Oh and when she says, she’d rather have a blank from aisle three, she means food! 🙂
When I started any type of weight loss “diet” in the past I would start them knowing that I HAD to do it for weight loss and only weight loss. When I signed up for RFBC I not only knew I HAD to do it for weight loss, but also that I had finally WANTED to do it for weight loss, health, and a total lifestyle change. I have heard that 100 times over…you have to have a total lifestyle change. I had never been willing to change enough…UNTIL NOW!

Every other time I started a “diet” I had binged on so many things and told myself I have to have this and that kind of food still so I can’t start this week. When I signed up for RFBC I didn’t do any of that. I didn’t binge the night before, I didn’t think oh man I gotta have __and__ still, I can’t start yet. 

I was finally sick of being sick and tired and sick of being fat and unhealthy and unhappy with who I had become. I looked in the mirror (as little as possible) and I didn’t recognize the woman that I had become, the wife that my husband was stuck with or the mom that my children were supposed to look up to.

I finally knew that I needed to change the way I was living. Was I really living? I was watching others live and my days of fun were in the past. I would have much rather been intimate with a ___from aisle 3 than my husband. I would rather watch another parent play catch with my son before a baseball game, after all it would have taken too much energy to get up from my seat. I was satisfied with my daughter not wanting to go to the mall with me. Why would she want to be seen with her morbidly obese mom that couldn’t walk very far without having to take a seat?

I was/am finally ready to see something all the way thru until it is done and beyond! I am finally ready to be proud of myself! I am finally ready to live the life I was meant to! I am finally ready to be the wife my husband deserves! I am finally ready to be the mother my children need! I am finally ready to be the woman that I am on my way to becoming! I will never stop and I will never give up and I will live the rest of my life Happy,Healthy, and FIT! But most importantly I will NEVER let myself down again! 


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