Michelle Hits 80 lbs Gone in 4.5 Months – Fast Weight Loss with a Raw Food Diet

That’s right, 80 lbs gone in 4.5 months. She should hit her 100 lbs gone mark by 6 months gone, just like Carlene, Faith, Beli and CB did. It’s not surprising because just like the women before her, she has been perfect on plan with both food and walking since day one. Okay, not everyone can do that, but if you were willing to do that, where could you be by mid February. What would you look like with 80 lbs gone? Get your fast weight loss with a raw food diet and walking!

Michelle's fast weight loss 80 lbs gone before and afters with a raw food diet

See that sweater? It’s a size small. Those black pants. They’re 8s. Michelle was in as much disbelief as you, if not more. 

Click here to see Michelle’s fast weight loss with a raw food diet journey page. It includes all of Michelle’s before and afters

Today at camp, we were talking about taking the emotions out of dieting. Instead of lamenting over how hard dieting is, how long you have to go, how much you hate your fat suit and don’t believe in yourself, if you instead saw this like a job or a project you had to get done, how that Just Do It! attitude could get you to goal so much faster.

That is what Michelle, Carlene, Faith, Beli and CB did. No fussing about it. No letting the idea of dieting get in the way of getting it done. Just getting fast weight loss with a raw food diet and walking. Grab and Go, Get up and Go!

Here’s what Michelle had to say about her milestone this morning and our discussion:

I have officially released 80 pounds. I will NEVER have to lose 80 pounds again EVER!! I fit into a pair of size 8 pants and a size small sweater that I took off the rack and I never would have imagined they would have buttoned or slipped over my torso. Granted the sweater is still too tight for me to feel comfortable wearing out in public, but I wore it for my 80 pound photos. 

I think for “professional” dieters like most of us here have been it is very hard to separate emotions from dieting. We have tried weight loss in the past had success and then have had a downward spiral to gaining all and usually more weight back again. This has caused us to think of ourselves as not being worthy of success with a lot of different aspects of our life not just weight loss. I think if we think about weight loss and exercise as being a job like Carlene said it puts a detachment from emotions which is exactly what we need. Eating healthy and walking are just what we do to get healthy and thin and eating healthy and walking are just what we will do after we get that way to stay thin and healthy. I’m with Carlene, Menza, and Nike and I choose to JUST DO IT!! 

The other day, we were talking about the things on our bucket lists. These lists were not for when we die, but for now as we start to experience life again with the fat suit. For fun, here’s Michelle’s. Realize these are no longer day dream goals, these are things she is about to go experience. I especially love the last line.

I’m still planning on getting my kayak in the spring. I looked into lessons this fall and they no longer offered them, not until spring. I am already signed up for the first sessions that will be held in May.

I am going to go and sit in the front car of the roller coaster that I was too big to fit into at Great America!

I am going to go Shark cage diving, I have always had a fear of great whites, since I was way too young when I saw the movie Jaws! I’m going to conquer that fear. I have wanted to do this for a very long time.

I am going to swim with the dolphins. This is something that has been on my bucket list, but I figured they would not have wetsuits in my size and there was no way I wanted to have my girth on top of one.

I am doing a color run with my daughter this next year. I would also like to do a mud run/obstacle course.

I am going to actually enjoy shopping for clothes and trying them on instead of dreading having to go into the dressing rooms fearing I need the ‘next size up’, but the ones I like don’t go that big.

I am going to look for trails to go cross country skiing this Winter.

I am going to LIVE  and not watch others living around me! 


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