Michelle Wins 100 lbs in 7 Month Challenge

Michelle Wins Challenge with a Raw Food Diet
The last picture in Michelle’s Before and After is her holding her $500 Visa Card, still in it’s holder, and wearing her Pre-RFBC Jeans! Okay, you’ve got to be impressed. Here’s something funny, when I received the photo, it was super large and I had to scroll through it. I was scrolling down. At first I thought, wow, she tucked her shirt in, cool. Those are baggy jeans, and then I scrolled down, and saw the inside of her leg, I thought, hmmm, I thought she had these lomg lean legs. Then I got to her feet and cracked up when I realized she had both legs in one!! Awesome photo, Michelle.
Michelle’s daughter sent me the before photos from her cell phone. I wrote her back when I sent the collage and asked what she thought of her beautiful mom and if she was afraid of losing her wardrobe. Here’s what she wrote back:
Oh I am definitely proud of her. She is so gorgeous, I am ecstatic! And yes, hopefully she won’t steal my whole closet
A daughter calling her mom gorgeous. How cool is that!
Scroll down to read Carlene & Michelle’s thoughts on such a great achievement!

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Michelle Wins 100 lbs in 7 Month’s Challenge

Click here to learn more about our 100 lbs in 7 Month’s Challenge

Actually, it was 108 lbs in 7 months. Here is what I wrote in our Friday thread:

Hi everyone. This is the big day. Michelle’s big day. She has been at RFBC for exactly 7 months and has lost her 100 lbs. I put her $500 Visa card in the mail yesterday. As of today, she is 128 lbs. Her goal weight is 125. What a transformation. She told me yesterday the greatest thing she has gotten from this journey is self esteem. That is a powerful gift. A gift she gave herself. We have been her guide, her strength at times, her humor at others, but in the end it came down to her absolute desire to change. There was never a doubt there. 

I know that she will tell you that her Rawk Starz Diva group, her other family, was instrumental in getting her here. She believes in the power of our challenge threads, she has been teacher and student in her group. Every day, she and her diva family have come to camp, they have shared their ups their downs with one another, they have laughed together and held each other through some tough times. Most importantly they have committed to one another and held up that commitment to be there daily, to stay on their program, to be accountable and expect their teammates to do the same.
It worked. 
For each of you, I wish that same sense of camaraderie Michelle found, I wish you that same sense of determination she used to say no to cravings, emotions, and nay sayers. I wish that you would believe in yourself and your ability to do this the way that she has. So you too can find your success.
This summer, Michelle told her family it was the Summer of Mommy, that she was going to put what she was doing here as a top priority. Her family wasn’t neglected, they didn’t fall apart or feel unloved. They watched her and were proud. Right now her daughter is working out with her each day to tone up her muscles, her husband when hearing she was going to use her winnings for her kayak, said, no, I’ll get you that, you go buy yourself clothes. That is not a family who resented her journey, but one that sat back in awe. Maybe today she’ll tell you her secret, but I believe it was because they saw from the start that she was serious, that she meant this. She didn’t vacillate. Do I want this. Do I want the old food. No. She just wanted this and made it happen.
I know not everyone can be as steadfast as Michelle, but wait. Menza, JanBree, KaCastro and Free, her diva teammates are. She’s the first to cross the threshold, the others are close behind. How? Because they too want this. They have been just as steadfast, just as determined, and worked just as hard. Maybe they didn’t win a Visa card, but they have won everything else. Why? Because like their teammate, they want this and they have been hell bent on getting it. 
So today, ask yourself: How bad do I want this? You don’t have to walk 2 hours a day. You don’t have to do the Rawk Starz diet, you just have to want this and want it bad. No more excuses, no more fat brain lies. When in doubt about yourself, ask yourself what would Michelle do, what would Menza do, what would JanBree do and KaCastro and Free. Then follow in their footsteps to find your own success. 
Michelle, you already know, but let me say it again. I am so proud of you. And I am grateful for the gift you have brought RFBC and all that follow us by winning this challenge and showing the world what can be done with a healthy diet and walking. Thank you.

Here is what Michelle wrote:

Oh my Gosh! I’m so touched by Carlene and everyone’s elses comments. Thank you so much! 

When I first joined RFBC I made a vow to myself that I would NEVER let myself down again no matter what. That was a pact with everything in my life not just weight loss. I truly have become a different person, okay maybe not a different person, but a better version of my former self. 

None of us can go back and rewrite our books from the beginning, but we ALL have the power to change the ending of our books. Everyone of us that have joined RFBC have gotten sick of reading the same chapter over and over…now is the time to start new more exciting chapters in our lives.

I went to see my favorite band last night and when they played last year I did not want to go because I was too self conscience of what I looked like, I didn’t have anything to wear, what if he looked at me , what if I couldn’t stand that long, I wouldn’t be able to find a place to sit, blah blah blah…
THIS year I went, this time I squeezed my way to the front, this year he looked into my eyes and I didn’t look away in shame..I looked back and I belted out the song and I was proud and happy and I was LIVING LIFE!! 

We cannot let our weight or our addiction to food control our lives and dictate who we are. We need to stand up and take charge and remember the old saying JUST SAY NO! Just say NO to our fat brains when we might want something to eat that will take away our self esteem and our right to fun and life. We need to choose to live in the game and not sit on the sidelines anymore. The only way we are going to get what we want is to leave the past in the past and lace up a new set of shoestrings. The only way is to JUST DO IT! We can all do this..we just have to want out of our fat suits enough to do what we know needs to be done…

Thank you again! I would not have been able to do this on my own. I will forever be grateful to Carlene for starting RFBC and for all the coaching and support and just all around awesomeness that makes her be her. Also, like she said my Diva family which I love each and everyone dearly. They have been my friends, my rocks, my support, and my push and drive on days I may not have been 100% gung ho to get this done. 

Some of you have formed some strong bonds like we have and I know that will help take you far!

Of course having Foteen, GreenQueen, and Otavia being successful and so supportive has been such an awesome thing to have in my life as well. 

Together will will all be successful, like I tell my kids when they don’t want to do something…suck it up buttercup and do what needs to be done. Of course I also sing the Rolling Stones song, You can’t always get what you want, but in this case WE CAN GET WHAT WE WANT…we just need to want it bad enough… I KNOW I do!!


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