Natanja hits 40 lbs Gone!

Natanja is one of our stars at RFBC. Not for how fast she loses, but by how much she has changed. When she first came to camp, she questioned everything. She doubted the fruit we eat, the need for all the walking, and the idea that she had to change.

Now, to see how far she has come, how much she has changed, has been inspirational to so many. Two weekends ago, she went on a snow boarding trip with her friends (she lives in Switzerland, to give you the right visual), she took a train, packed all of her own food, and was surprised to learn it wasn’t just her friend and a few others, but that she was on a corporate trip with all the food provided.

That did not sideline her. All her friends know she eats a certain way. She has made it clear to them that this is how she is, and they are fine with it. Since she does do our wholy rawker plan, she did go out to eat with the group once, and told the waiter she would have the grilled, fish I believe, but they needed to cook it to her specifications. No one thought anything of it, especially her.

Natanja is not perfect to plan all the time. But her attitude is one of this is who I am, accept me if you want to be with me. She stands up for herself when it comes to her food and even her walking. I am so proud of who she has become as the caretaker of her body.

She is feeling good, loving life, and no longer questions anything about our plan or the walking. It is who she is and she is proud.


Natanja eats mostly a Rawk Starz diet, but does Wholy Rawkers when needed. She usually walks 2 hours a day.

Disclaimer: Crop tops and sports bras are not allowed in your photos! Nor are Wonder Woman arms. This was a slip on my part when she first sent her start photos.


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