NewJen Qualifies for our 100 lb Challenge with 40 lbs Gone in 8 Weeks!

NewJeneration is our first 2017 member to qualify for the 100 lb Challenge. That required she lose 40 lbs in 8 weeks. She actually did it in a little over 7 weeks. She is a powerhouse here at camp with her determination to change and to always be POP (Proudly on Plan) not just with food and walking but with attitude. She tells us she has worked hard on fixing all that was wrong in her life and that this is her last battle. One she is aptly equipped to win.

NewJen is part of our diva group. That is a small focused group of women who don’t think about what we do as a struggle or feel deprived. They have set their eyes on the prize and are running towards it. This is the only way someone can win our 100 lb challenge. Not everyone in the group is going after the challenge, but they are determined and focused and rely on women like NewJen to inspire them daily with her great attitude and success.

Actually, NewJen is a retired counselor and had to reign back on how much of herself she gave at camp to support others so she could focus on herself. Not to say she doesn’t still support others, she does that beautifully, but now it’s more balanced and she is looking at her own goals and agenda.

We are all very proud of her. Make sure to check out her 100 lb Challenger slide show on the mid right column of our front page.




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