NewJen Wins Our 50 lbs Gone in 12 Weeks Challenge

Except she did it in 10 Weeks!!

NewJen is on fire and dropping pounds fast on her Rawk Starz diet and walking. She had a few tough days when the scale didn’t move as she thought it should, but then as always is the case, there was a big drop. 7 lbs in one week caught her up.

You can see her weight loss slide show on our home page for Scroll down to the middle of the page, it’s on the right.

As a 50 lbs challenge winner, she will receive 4 free weeks of camp. On top of that because of our Spring Challenge, she is sure to hit the 60 lbs gone by June 1st and win 12 free weeks of camp.

She is set to win the 100 lbs in 7 month challenge too. That pretty much means she won’t be paying for membership ever again. Wow!

Not only is she a big winner here, an inspiration to all of you out there who are over 300 lbs thinking this could never happen for you, she is beating the last battle she feels she has in life. Her weight.

That is an awesome place to be when still so young. Our hats are off to her and the way she approaches life, honesty about herself, and who she wants to be, or actually who she already is.

Her new before and afters speak for themselves. She looks like the younger sister of her former self. Her glow is contagious.  Look at the new chin line and beautiful dimples and smile. She exudes raw energy and vitality which she generously shares at camp.



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