Newsletter – April 19, 2017

NewJen Wins Our 50 lbs Gone in 12 Weeks Challenge

Except she did it in 10 Weeks!!NewJen is on fire and dropping pounds fast on her Rawk Starz diet and walking. She had a few tough days when the scale didn’t move as she thought it should, but then as always is the case, there was a big drop. 7 lbs in one week caught her up.

You can see her weight loss slide show on our home page for Scroll down to the middle of the page, it’s on the right.

As a 50 lbs challenge winner, she will receive 4 free weeks of camp. On top of that because of our Spring Challenge, she is sure to hit the 60 lbs gone by June 1st and win 12 free weeks of camp.

She is set to win the 100 lbs in 7 month challenge too. That pretty much means she won’t be paying for membership ever again. Wow!

Not only is she a big winner here, an inspiration to all of you out there who are over 300 lbs thinking this could never happen for you, she is beating the last battle she feels she has in life. Her weight.

That is an awesome place to be when still so young. Our hats are off to her and the way she approaches life, honesty about herself, and who she wants to be, or actually who she already is.

Her new before and afters speak for themselves. She looks like the younger sister of her former self. Her glow is contagious.  Look at the new chin line and beautiful dimples and smile. She exudes raw energy and vitality which she generously shares at camp.


SChristianHolliday Hit 25 lbs Gone in 4 Weeks!

SChristianHolliday is our newest diva at camp. She has come to do this and get it done. And she isn’t letting anyone down. Her dedication and focus to achieve her goal is unwavering and at camp we all know it. She is becoming a model of consistency and proves to everyone what the power of low fat, low sugar, low sodium raw combined with walking can do for a body.

SChristianHolliday is going for the 100 lb challenge. To qualify, you have to hit 40 lbs in 8 weeks. With 25 gone in 4 weeks, there is no doubt she will be our next 2017 100 lb challenger.

All of us agree that her before and afters make her look like she has lost much more than 25 lbs. We can’t wait for her 40’s!


Raw Food Boot Camp

What’s New?

Our Latest Big Discussion

The Great Manipulator
Click here to listen to the audio

I don’t often share audios in the newsletter, but this one is from Tuesday’s discussion and was one of those where everyone was sure I was speaking directly to them.

It is about how we are the great manipulators in our lives. We are the ones who consciously or subconsciously manipulate ourselves into finding excuses to eat the foods we want rather than the ones that can change our lives. It is about how regardless of your dedication and focus during weight loss, we all have to come to terms with the fact that there will always be a part of us that wants to go back to high fat, high sugar, high sodium foods regardless of the consequences.

I believe accepting the truth, acknowledging it, and then making an action plan for changing how we respond to our own self-manipulation is paramount in beating obesity and/or food related disease for life.

Listen and see if this audio speaks to you. On Tuesday we identified ourselves as the great manipulator of our lives, today we are creating those action plans to thwart ourselves so we can break the bindings unhealthy foods have on us.

Are You Doing A Different Clean Diet Than Us?

RFBC is mostly about taking charge of your relationship with food. Of recognizing your responsibility in how you eat, what you weigh and your health issues that stem from decades of poor eating choices.

Our Rawk Starz diet with 2 hours of walking brings fast weight loss and quick changes to health. It is a superb diet especially for the obese who feel overwhelmed by the amount of weight the need to lose.

Our Wholy Rawker diet and 1 hour of walking brings fast weight loss too, but not as fast as our Rawk Starz diet. But it allows those who can’t live on fruits, veggies and hemp a way to still eat clean and lose weight at a good clip.

We have been talking lately about anti-inflammation diets. Food Healer at camp has gone and reviewed the Whole 30 diet and is cutting out the grains and legumes on her Wholy Rawker diet to get the added benefits of an anti-inflammation diet. She came back and said Whole 30 had too much salt and fat, so she is living within our guidelines within theirs. If that makes sense.

If you can’t do our all raw diet, and have found a diet that is more suitable to who you are you may be able to be part of camp. Here are the guidelines:

  • No processed foods. We only do whole foods.
  • Fat cannot be more than 30% of your daily calories each day.
  • Sodium cannot go over 750 mg per day.
  • High glycemic anything is out for weight loss.
  • You must eat 1200 calories a day. A little below or above is fine, but within 100 calories each day of that 1200 calorie mark.
  • You must do a minimum of 45 minutes of either walking, swimming or chair cardio each day in the RFBC zone of 135-150 heart beat per minute.
  • No juicing or fasting. Homemade smoothies are fine.
  • No protein powders, bars or supplements.
  • An open mind to change.

If you have a diet you think will qualify and you want to be part of RFBC to beat your food addictions, email me at support@rawfoodbootcamp,com with the subject line: Support My Diet? and together we will see if you are a good fit for camp.

Personally, I believe in clean food that brings good health, so I won’t support someone on an unhealthy processed food diet. But if you are committed in taking back your weight and health and willing to do the hard work required to change for life, let’s talk.

Obesity and pain free health are my obsessions. What are yours?

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