Rachel Drops 25 lbs in 3 Weeks!

Rachel has come to camp to conquer this, and she isn’t letting anyone down. In just 3 weeks, she has dropped 25 lbs. And boy does it show.


That is what walking and our Rawk Starz Diet can do for you. Cool, right?

LuluMonMom Drops 25 lbs in 5 Weeks

LuluMonMom is a busy mom with 2 small children. She is out there pushing a stroller and getting her walking as best she can. It is paying off big time!


LulumonMom also does our Rawk Starz diet.

Vondine Drops 29 lbs in 5 Weeks

Vondine is one busy woman. She works full time and is going to graduate school. She has to squeeze RFBC in, but she does it and it is paying off!

She is soon to graduate and then she is going to push this all the way. But, hey, she lost 29 lbs in 5 weeks, so there’s no room for complaints.


Vondine is doing our Rawk Starz diet and walking.

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What’s Up at RFBC?

Lately, we’ve been working on the hard stuff. Self-sabotage, after work binges, anger towards ourselves for letting our weight go unchecked for so long. There have been some great discussions with personal revelations. I love it when multiple members say I must have brought the subject up just for them.

The truth is we are all so similar.

On of the major things that trips people up is their past. Past failures, past abuse, a past that created self doubt and for some self loathing. History keeps them from believing they are capable of succeeding or even that they deserve to succeed.

At RFBC we leave the deep analysis for therapists, instead, we draw a line in the sand and decide, yes, my past may have sucked and yes, it made me who I am, good or bad. But my future is mine and I will make it the best life I can, regardless.  It’s that desire to step out of the fat suit and let go of the perception that the fat suit is a shield, that allows us to build our thin brains and finally beat the battle with obesity.

Is this easy? No. It takes work, and it takes the ability to forgive yourself for not being perfect or super woman. It takes falling, and getting back up to truly learn how to stand strong without using food as a crutch, comfort or even reward.

What we do at RFBC is fight the desire to give in and fail. We work hard to recognize our strengths and weaknesses so we can shore up our strengths so they are more powerful than our weaknesses. Again, it doesn’t happen overnight. But it will happen if you continue to persevere.

I am happy, no thrilled, that the women currently at RFBC share this desire to not just lose the weight, but to break free from all these lingering food habits that kept them cocooned in their fat suits.

It takes courage to face the truth that we have the ability and the responsibility to take charge of our lives. It takes even more courage to admit that all of our excuses are just lies to get us to our drug of choice: High fat, high sodium, high sugar foods.

I hope I didn’t scare you off. RFBC is a great place with great women and we are constantly evolving to guide everyone out of the mire and into the sunlight of success.

If you ready for that kind of change. Come join us.

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