Why is it the obese never succeed on other diets?

Fail at Diet Raw Food Boot Camp

I’ll tell you my ideas, and you see if any of them fit for you.

  • I don’t have the patience to take two years to lose all the weight. A pound or two a week is just too slow and I get disenchanted so I choose to fail. I need fast weight loss.
  • There is not enough food and I am hungry all the time.
  • It takes too much effort to weigh, portion out, and prepare each day’s meals.
  • Serving sizes are made for a child not a full grown adult. I am never satisfied.
  • There is no hope, I will be morbidly obese for life. No amount of sacrifice and deprivation will work for me.
  • I’m actually happier morbidly obese.

These were my excuses. I’m sure you have many of your own, never mind all the emotional reasons you eat. But on this diet, none of these excuses panned out.

It did not take me two years to lose the weight. It took 9 months – 136 pounds. Which should have been 8 months, but in December I ate a high fat raw diet and only lost 3.5 pounds the whole month. That was my average for a week while doing low fat raw. So not counting my ill-spent month. I averaged half a pound a day. Something I expected and received. Tell me raw food isn’t a fast weight loss diet. It’s as fast as gastric bypass surgery or bariatric surgery. As long as you keep it low fat. No more than 15% fat per day.

I ate as much as I wanted whenever I wanted. When hungry I ate. When full I stopped. If I had gastric bypass or bariatric surgery I would have had to schedule my drinking and eating and limit each drink to about half a cup and each meal to the equivalent of a scrambled egg to prevent vomiting and rupture.

Because raw food is a simple diet there is no measuring, no slicing food into portions, no cooking, no cleanup, no mess. Simple and easy.

There is no such thing as a serving size. Eat as much as you want.

Raw Food offered hope. Yes I did sacrifice and at times felt deprived, but it did work and I am now thin and fit. And it only took 9 months!!! That is unheard of even for women who have had gastric bypass or bariatric surgery. And I lost all of my excess weight, unlike the 75-80% offered by surgery.

I had no clue what happiness was. I am now out living a life I thought forever outside my realm of existence. There is no way morbid obesity was better.

It isn’t easy. I won’t lie to you, but it works and you will stay healthy, unlike surgery. In the beginning, many people experience headaches and fatigue while their body gets used to the change. I hear it all the time from people: “I can’t afford to have three or four days where I’m tired.” Well, compared to surgery and a life of never being able to eat and drink at the same meal, what is a few days here and there on your way to perfect health? What is it compared to the rest of your life encased in fat? Trust me, the sacrifices you make on this diet will reward you in so many ways that when you look back on it, you will say: “Piece of cake” or rather “carrot.”

I used to tell people that I could do anything cold turkey. If I could just give up food, never have to eat again, I could do it. But I couldn’t do that, so I couldn’t succeed because I am not good at moderation. If I could have eaten one piece of pizza and not four, just one or two pieces of fried zucchini instead of the whole order, then I would never have gotten to 259 pounds at 5’1″. Even if I could have ordered the half sandwich/soup entree instead of the pastrami grinder and fries, life would have been different. Of course doing these thin minded things to diet never worked, because one taste always made me want another and if I ordered that non-fattening meal I was never satisfied. For me it was fatty foods, for you it may be sweets. What I’m saying is that even though I always wanted to say I didn’t eat enough to warrant my weight, I was always drawn to high fat foods and was never satisfied with just a taste. I knew cold turkey was my only way out. And I’ve got to say, going raw was very close.

By giving up cooked food and reverting to uncooked, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, and seeds I broke my food addictions. Or maybe I changed them. Instead of eating four pieces of pizza, I now have four oranges. Can you see where that makes the difference? Just like an alcoholic I will probably have food issues all of my life. I have to face that. With raw, I have found a way to control this while satisfying myself. By choosing raw you are making a commitment to yourself, for the rest of your life. You are choosing life over food. Food will become a sidebar in your life and if you let it, joy will seep in to fill the rest of it.

So what is the boot camp about? It’s a place of commitment. To join you must submit an application. Once accepted, and after payment of your membership fee, you will be added to our private area where we openly talk about being raw, our physical and emotional challenges, exercise and anything else we want to. It’s private and by invitation only because being morbidly obese is different than being overweight or thin. There are things about us and our bodies that we just don’t want to share with people who will not understand or who will judge us.

We offer you support. You will be working hard, sacrificing, feeling deprived, and exclaiming the euphoria of fast weight loss on raw food with people who are doing the same thing.

Most importantly you will not be on this journey alone. At RFBC you are among peers. No one judges, no one looks down at you when you trip and fall. We have all been there, and we all understand. Without a doubt, it is the best support you will ever find for beating obesity.

I am sorry to say, we will not be opening camps to help people quit smoking or break other addictions as some have begged me to do. We are about Raw Food, and I am about Obesity.

Check out the rest of our site for information on our programs so you understand what we are about, and then decide if you are ready to commit to a new life.

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