Obese Helping the Obese

Does Peer Support for the Obese Really Matter?

So many question my belief that to help the obese lose weight fast they need to be supported away from their skinny sisters and brothers who are looking for a few pounds to lose. I am told by those trying to join Raw Food Boot Camp and Whole Food Boot Camp with a BMI under 33 that losing weight fast is important to everyone and not just the obese. While that may be true, it is hard to listen to someone complain about having to lose 10 or even 40 pounds when you have 100 to 200 lbs to go. There are plenty of weight loss programs for the mildly obese and overweight. Raw Food Boot Camp is unique in that it is designed for the obese helping the obese.

Members Feel Safe

Obese Peers What we do at Boot Camp is not just help the obese lose weight fast. It’s a place where those who have hidden with their obesity, and shared the humiliation of not fitting in, as in literally not fitting, can come and feel safe to share their underlying issues and fat brain behaviors. An obese person is not going to share how chaffed her inner thighs are from walking with someone who is fifteen pounds overweight. They are not going to talk about how they can no longer please their spouse because of their weight. They aren’t going to admit not going back to college because they don’t fit into the chair desks. And so they will instead lurk on the site, setting themselves apart from the group. I speak from years of experience. Being in a true peer group to lose weight fast opens a whole new level of safety for the obese, even in cyber space, and promotes greater success.

When the Obese Lose Weight Fast and are Still 100 lbs from Goal it is Demoralizing to Watch Others Seemingly Reach Goal Over Night

When I allowed under BMI 33 men and women into camp, it was hard on the obese who were trying to lose weight fast. Newbies would come to camp and within a month start talking about their size six jeans and bikini ready bod. While those with a hundred plus pounds to lose, had been perfect on plan and had huge first months of weight loss, watching others reach goal with seemingly little effort just hurt, and they quit. But struggling with other men and women who start in the high two hundreds and even three hundreds offers hope. When not only you, but your boot camp friends lose weight fast but are there for the long haul with you, you feel at home. And that is what I want for all who come through my boot camps. Don’t forget, I was obese too and this is my home. I’m the obese helping the obese. It is where my heart lays.


Don’t Judge Us For Wanting to Lose Weight Fast With Our Peers


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