Pogo Hits 40 lbs Gone & Joins our 100 lb Challenge

Pogo started a week or so after Free and has kept pace. She hit her 40 lbs gone in 7.5 weeks and is ready to take on the 100 lb challenge. Her body, as you can see by the photos, has been responding big time. Pogo had one small fall, but she got right back up and back to plan. That is a true diva in my mind. Way to go, Pogo!

Pogo 40 lbs Gone Fast Weight Loss with Raw Food Diet Before and After

Pogo 40 lb Animation of Fast weight loss with a raw food diet

We are very excited to have Pogo join us in the challenge. She’s bee at camp before and knows this is her time, and the best way to do this. She is loving the compliments and even the challenges of facing critics of our plan. She’s been raw and part raw for years. Now she’s a Rawk Starz and loving it!

Pogo is doing our Rawk Starz Diet and 2 hours of walking a day.



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