Pogo’s 60 lbs Gone in 15 Weeks Before and Afters

Pogo is a fixture at camp. She’s our go to for smoothie spice combinations, and keeps her conversation group hopping. She is working on beating emotional eating and gets further along the way each week. This weekend she made a decision to push for extra loss, and she was a woman not to be beaten. We were all very proud of her.

Weekend used to be her biggest downfall, now she’s seeing them as her time to be POP and beyond!

Pogos 60 lbs Gone Fast Weight loss with a Raw Food Diet

I told her for her 70 lb photos she’s going to need smaller pants! I also made her a collage where her 50 lb photos were next to her 60 lb view. There was a huge difference. I’m telling you, it’s the walking. 

By the way, she hasn’t been this weigh since her 20’s! How cool is that?

Pogo does our Rawk Starz diet and 2 hours of walking a day

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