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 Don’t Feed the Bears

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Don’t Feed the Bears is a big mantra at Raw Food Boot Camp. Cravings come regardless of how focused and determined you are to get the weight off. If you feed those cravings, they might be sated for an hour or even a day, but just like the bears, they will be back. Why not right? They know you will feed them.

If you want to learn to beat those cravings, to get through them instead of satisfying them, then this is the workshop for you.

In our Don’t Feed the Bears workshop you are given 5 days of audios, no assignments, to help you fight the cravings you feel are torturing you. We have found that big cravings last about 4 days. In these audios, Carlene will give you tips on how to get through those four days.  She will walk you through and give you things to think about as you fight the bear, the craving and reach that final day of release, day 5.

Beat the bear and break the hold cravings have over you.


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    The concept of this course is so simplistic but ingenius. Once you wrap you head around the concept of not feeding the bear, you will be on the path to stop the viscous cycle of falling off your plan. Believe in this course, and honestly put your time in to implement this into your life. This is a winner course!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Once you hear Carlene’s analogy about feeding bears you will finally understand how to overcome those intense and unwelcome cravings for unhealthy foods. In all the learning I have done about the science of food, biology and the human response, this makes the most sense to me. Carlene shines the light on this issue for you and once she does so, you won’t be able to turn it off again! Highly recommended.

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