So many people come to RFBC thinking if they join they should get the great results our before and afters show for other RFBC ladies. The truth is for every awesome B&A there are many others who joined RFBC and quit way before they saw great results.

Why? Because while their dream was success, they didn’t understand the effort and dedication required for great success. They didn’t want to work with others and they didn’t want Carlene telling them how to do this right.

Not everyone is a good fit for Carlene and RFBC.

Take this quiz and see if Carlene and RFBC are a good fit for you.

Carlene won’t see your answers, they aren’t saved anywhere. This is strictly for you to see if RFBC and Carlene are right for you. RFBC has a strict no refund policy so take the quiz so there’s no buyers remorse.

Carlene wants you to join when you’re ready to tackle your obesity. Be informed, know what you’re joining and be prepared to succeed.

Note: After answering the question, click on the check button. It is going to have in bold at the top the word correct or incorrect, ignore that. There are no incorrect answers but the quiz software forced us picking only one of the answers as correct even though all are correct for you. Forgive this and don’t let it interfere with your choices.

Is RFBC the Right Program For You

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