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87.9 lbs in 10 Months


Start Date

April 17, 2017 

Start Weight


Goal Date

February 23, 2018

Goal Weight



1st 4 Months – Rawk Starz

then Wholy Rawker


1st 4 Months – 2 Hours Walking

then 45 min – 1 hr

Rachel Goal with Raw Food Diet at Raw Food Boot Camp.com

I asked Rachel if she would answer some questions for those who came to her goal page. Our hope is that you will connect with her journey and be inspired to start your own. Whether you work with us, someone else or on your own. Know that it is possible with patience, perseverance and determination.

Raw Food Diet

Rachel Pre-RFBC

Rachel, before joining RFBC on April 17, 2017, had you ever tried a raw food diet? If so, tell us what worked and what didn’t work for you on it.

Yes, I had tried the raw food diet in the past. Back then, I was more focused on making gourmet raw recipes and eating whatever I wanted as long as it was raw vegan. I made it complicated and it was not sustainable. During that time, I did not learn how to live life without being food-centric. I was just as focused on food as I was when I was eating SAD.

When you did finally join us last April, did you honestly believe you would make it all the way to your goal weight with it?

Yes and no. I was desperate for change when I joined RFBC in April 2017! I knew I was going to stick with the program until I was “done” but I did not really have a solid vision of what that would look like.

You lost your first 70 lbs in a little over 4 months doing our Rawk Starz diet and walking. What was that first part of your journey like. So much gone so fast.

The first part of my journey was wonderful and amazing! I was able to stay focused because I was seeing such fast weight loss. It seemed every time I turned around, I was reaching weight loss milestones and sending in progress pictures. I am a visual person and the feedback from the progress pictures just fueled my determination to keep going, to lose the weight fast, and to lose it for good.

Rachel Raw Food Weight Loss wedding photos

Rachel Gets Married

Last year you got married and sent me a wonderful email thanking RFBC for your weight loss and feeling so good about yourself. Please share how it felt to feel and look so beautiful on that very special day.

Reflecting upon this special time brings tears to my eyes! It felt incredible to look and feel great on that day. Every time I look at my wedding pictures, I can’t help but to also think about my RFBC journey to that day and my heart is, again, filled with such gratitude for RFBC!

Things started to slow down for you in September. Why do you think that was?

I was getting close to a weight that I had a mental block about getting past. I would even say that I had some fears about losing the rest of the weight. I was entering territory I had not seen since my twenties and for a short time in my thirties. And beyond that, where my goal was set, I had not been in my adult life. I was also regularly doing the minimum amount of walking and that just does not work for fast weight loss.

You eventually switched to our Wholy Rawker’s diet on my suggestion, how did that work for you as you went through many struggles over the winter.

Wholy Rawkers was a lifesaver for me over the winter months! It was just the break I needed and eventually helped me to get refocused.

Rachel Goal Vegan Before and After

Rachel at Goal all tucked in!

While over this time you didn’t lose that much weight, you did maintain it. What did that teach you about yourself?

Even though I did not lose much weight over this period, I really gained confidence in myself that I could maintain my weight. I had lost weight many times over my lifetime, but I had never maintained large losses for any length of time. I still count that time as a success!

Over the course of your time at RFBC what changes have you made in your attitude toward food, food behaviors and overall idea of what you need in your life to maintain it?

Food is no longer the main focus of my life, my best friend, my go-to stress reliever, or my entertainment. Sure, I still struggle with old food behaviors wanting to crop up, but I’ve come too far and learned too much to throw it all away and give in to my weaker self. I feel I have been given the tools in RFBC to maintain my weight. I have learned how to handle emotions without food, how to stop mindless eating, how to build a life worth living, and so much more. I have put food in its place and I believe this is key to maintaining weight loss.

Now that we are heading off into maintenance, we are going to go slow. You still want to lose another 5 to 10 lbs over the next three months so we are going to go very slow on adding in new foods. How do you anticipate this happening?

I imagine that some folks struggle with the mundane nature of maintenance, but I am determined to focus on the parts that are exciting. I have already experienced the exhilaration of fast weight loss and I can look back at my progress pictures when I need a reminder of how great that felt. Moving forward, I will focus on new and different victories and milestones. As we slowly introduce new foods, my patience will develop further, I will gain a greater appreciation for food as fuel, and I will continue my new life without food being the main focus. I’m excited about this next chapter!

Share with us your fears of keeping the weight off and share with us what you believe are your strengths that you will use to keep the weight off.

Rachel Goal Raw Food Before and After

Rachel at Goal in her little black dress

Raw Food Diet Weight Loss Before

Rachel Pre-RFBC

I would be lying if I said I had no fears about keeping the weight off. The main fear stems from never having maintained weight loss before. But I will focus on my strengths to get me through this next challenge. I will remind myself of the strength it took to lose the weight and get to goal. I stuck with the process through personal struggles and failures and all the weight loss did not happen easily for me. I have an open mind and a student mentality; I realize I am still learning new information and behaviors that will help me to maintain my weight. I value the process I have been through too much to throw it away and go back to my old life.

Finally, would you summarize your journey for us and end this with your best advice to women who want to follow you to their goals and dreams.

When I came to Raw Food Boot Camp in April 2017, I was morbidly obese and desperate to climb out of my “fat suit” forever. I was familiar with RFBC and knew I needed what Carlene and RFBC had to offer – structure, support, and accountability. I was not disappointed! As previously mentioned, I lost most of my weight on the Rawk Starz diet, then switched to Wholy Rawkers for part of the winter months, and then back to Rawk Starz to get to goal. I enjoyed having the flexibility to go between both diets to get to the maintenance phase. I wasn’t perfect at it and I took longer to get to goal than I wanted to, but the important part is that I did not give up. I stayed committed to my goals and to the idea of progress over perfection. This was a hard one for me, as I tend to be an all or nothing, black or white type person. But I learned and grew the most through failing forward and not giving up. I learned to persevere and to forgive myself when I didn’t live up to the myth of perfection. While I did the hard work, day in and day out, having the wisdom and support of Carlene and the ladies at camp made all the difference. Being challenged daily to starve the “fat brain” and nourish the “thin brain” challenged my thinking and changed me little by little. I know maintenance will mean hard work, perseverance, and failing forward. But I am confident that I have been given the tools for success. Although I know the possibility of relapse is not to be discounted, I cannot see going back to my old life and ways.

For anyone considering starting their own journey out of obesity and into health, I say go for it! Consider the possibilities over the obstacles, your dreams over your fears. You are stronger than you may think you are and you owe it to yourself and your family to make a change. It will involve being “selfish” and taking time to really focus on you. But, in the end, you will have so much more to offer others when you learn to love and care for yourself first. There is only one you, so why not become the best version of yourself to offer this world? I believe you can achieve your dreams and goals simply because if I did, anyone can. How bad do you want it and what are you waiting for?



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