Raw Food Boot Camp Reviews In Response to Negative Email

The other day, I received an email from someone angry with us for taking advantage of “poor saps,” and showing after photos of women with saggy skin who looked better before RFBC. She said she had lost 40 lbs on her own and didn’t need us. And reminded me that I am not a doctor or nutritionist. Here are some Raw Food Boot Camp Reviews from our members in response to this email.

I, personally, wrote this woman back (email at the end of this), saying many of the things Tess says below, just not as eloquent. And the author of the email wrote back and apologized for her letter. So all is good there, but I had already shown the letter to the ladies at RFBC, and some responded with Dear Doe letters (the name I gave the author) knowing we would show them as Raw Food Boot Camp Reviews.  Many others just wished Doe success and agreed with our more prolific writers.

I am sharing some of these Raw Food Boot Camp Reviews because, while it’s been a long time since I have received an email like this, I know there are others out there that share Doe’s reaction. So here is how some of our ladies responded. You will recognize their names from all the time they have been at RFBC.

Menza’s Raw Food Boot Camp Review


Doe, I am so sorry that you feel the way you do about Carlene and RFBC. You may be able to do this on your own, but I need this forum and Carlene’s advice. She has never claimed to have any training other than personal experiences…and often experience is the best teacher

I could never have lost 100 pounds and kept it off for going on a year if it weren’t for the support of my friends here at RFBC. They understand my struggles and are experiencing similar trials which makes us a great support network for each other. I hope you find what you are looking for, I know I did!

CJane’s Raw Food Boot Camp Review

Dear Doe,
I’m happy for you that you are losing weight on your own. For me obesity was a symptom not the disease. The disease was a little thing we like to call fat-brain. It’s a compilation of all of the bad habits, emotions and fears of losing weight mixed with years of mis-training. A doctor and a nutritionist were not able to help me with that(the mental part) and yes I enlisted the help of both in conjunction with weight loss in the past. After 20 years of “dieting” I found someone who was interested in teaching me how I can fix the problem not just mask the symptoms. Coupled with unparalleled support and accountability, Carlene’s advice has always been spot on. I have lost all of the weight I needed to, and am the healthiest I have ever been in my life. Just to be clear, I don’t look worse than when I started, that’s FOR SURE! I am often told I don’t look I have ever had a weight problem. One more note as well, I have paid $450.00 total into the program and I won the $500.00 prize so I don’t think Carlene is trying to make money off “poor saps” because if you stick to the program exactly, she loses money. Each person is responsible for their own body so we each need to make our own choices. I am so happy I chose to try RFBC.

CrystalClear’s Raw Food Boot Camp Review

Hi Doe,

Congrats on choosing a new lifestyle by going vegan, losing 40lbs and staying clear of the SAD.

There is much more to RFBC than sharing our “progress”. It’s about accountability, daily motivating audios and friendships built with like minded people walking the same road as you. We help each other though struggles and celebrate each other’s victories. Carlene is rock solid coach, with a decade of experience
and the gift for helping people reach their goals. It’s great that you are doing “fine by yourself” but if there comes a day where you find you need support your future skinny self will thank you for joining RFBC. Hands down, best money I’ve ever spent on myself.

Tess’ Raw Food Boot Camp Review

Hello, Doe!

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Another quick fix for obesity, right up there with modern medicine’s miracle modifications of the GI system and pharmacological “interventions” to make obese bodies smaller…

I understand your skepticism… Even your anger. We are all so tired of being preyed upon… And the gimmicky predators enrage us…

You already understand the power of plant based nutrition… You know the healing, the energy, the POWER it holds–and the threat that using food as medicine poses to numerous industries…

You also know the longing to find ‘your tribe’–to find others who have experienced the gift that clean eating brings, the challenges of the tough times when you long for the SAD crap like a long lost love, the heartbreak of those closest to you not understanding your choices, the frustration of things slowing down, the excitement of discovering all your body is capable of when fueled with premium fuel, and sometimes the loneliness of changing your relationship to food in a food-centered culture.

But, Doe–here’s what you don’t know… You don’t know that while there are many successful people here on the fast track, there is also a herd of turtles… You don’t know that we indeed are likely that thing you were seeking–a group of like-minded people sharing the journey, each in her own way. Each fighting for that internal shift that assures we NEVER go back to “before,” to create a new lifestyle–full of life, full of LIVING.

Can fast weight loss cause sagging skin? Yep. No matter the approach, that’s a risk that folks have to consider–regardless of method of loss. For many who choose that path, that cosmetic reality is not a priority concern… It’s a badge of honor to be carried with pride as a reminder of where they began and as a trophy for what they achieved. Those who judge the sagging skin are as limited in their ability to SEE the soul inside and the journey that soul has traversed as those who judge the cosmetically Unappealing morbidly obese body or non-reconstructed breast. Each person taking on the challenge of losing 100+ lbs has to determine whether they want to mitigate that risk by losing slower (knowing that doesn’t guarantee they won’t have saggy skin), or pursuing surgical remedy at a later time… It is a very personal choice that hopefully each of us will have the honor of making…

Doe, you are ON the journey! Congratulations for what you have achieved! RFBC is NOT a medically supervised plan, and Carlene is NOT a doctor or a nutritionist. You are so right! I’m curious to know if you have felt the need to have a doctor or nutritionist supervising your journey so far? Some of the folks here have been lucky enough to live in locations where there ARE medical professionals who ‘get it,’ and are on their team… Not so, however, for most of us. Instead, what tends to happen is that our experiences enlighten the medical professionals with whom we consult–the significant improvements to nearly all measurable indicators of health ARE the catalyst for those professionals to entertain the idea that the existing body of accepted Bariatric best practices may indeed be incomplete. No one can argue with the data! I hope you get the chance to bewilder your medical team with your incredible results, too! It’s kinda fun…

As for those who regain weigh following such an incredible loss… The challenge of recidivism or relapse–however you look at it–is always present for every method of weight loss… I think you know that. I think that you totally GET the need to make changes that you can sustain FOREVER, if you are to NEVER return to the starting line… If resilience is not nurtured during the process, if sustainable habits are not built, if support is not received during life’s most difficult challenges, if a fantasy that ‘when I’m done, I can just do what everyone else does’ exists as the “prize” for crossing the finish line–you are damn right… I don’t care what plan you’re on, who’s supervising you, or how much you’ve lost–it will all come back. And that’s true here, too…

So, why DO we pay Carlene? I can’t speak for everyone… But here’s why I’ve elected to make this part of my budget… THIS IS that community of like-minded people fighting to change themselves. Carlene has done it, has sustained it, has supported countless others in doing the same thing. This is not like any other group, program, plan whatever out there. Collectively, everyone here has tried or done EVERYTHING. From surgery to every single plan out there. Carlene has dedicated her life to creating THIS place–where each person here is able to celebrate the triumphs of a moving scale, to discover the wellness born of regular fitness, to squeal at the emergence of collarbones, to dance when legs cross and fit under a table, to cry when practicing the discipline of saying no, to scream when those who love us try to encourage us that SAD food won’t hurt, to rub our backs and wipe our tears when we fall, to remind us that WE ARE STRONG enough to see this through, to hold us accountable for claiming our dreams…. Doe, the thing I am getting here that I don’t believe exists anywhere else, is an opportunity not just to lose weight, pick up an exercise habit and experience the enrichment of nutrient dense food… I am building my resilience–my insurance policy that I will achieve what we all so desperately want–I will NEVER go back… I have found that place of which you speak–and it is worth EVERY penny.

We’d love to have you join us…

Ikic’s Raw Food Boot Camp Review

Dear Doe,

I studied Carlene’s website for months. I think I read every word she wrote, and every quote from the women who had tried the diet. I found such an astounding amount of free information that I was able to begin the journey of changing my mindset, and opening up to what I needed to do to change my life before I came to camp. I came here ready to go because of Carlene’s generosity in sharing so much information for free. I had already selected my diet, choosing a SLOWER diet plan I thought would be good for me and my lifestyle from among the CHOICES she offered. Surprisingly enough, I managed that without any brainwashing from her.

What I have been working on here since January is change, the kind of change CJane talked about and so many, including me, are in the process of implementing. Change in how I think, how I feel about myself and my life, and oh yeah, how I eat and feel about food. I have gone from barely being able to walk an hour to once walking 26.5 miles in a day. I’m not done with me yet.

What works here for me is not what Carlene does, says, dictates, or pushes. It’s what she offers. First, she offers experience, life knowledge, time spent with so many women on so many journeys, not all successful. Not all knowledge comes from success stories, sometimes those of us who are smart learn from our mistakes, and I imagine many of us have given Carlene load of examples of what does not work.

What she also offers is a little corner of the internet where people like me help each other. You have lost weight alone, and that works for you. I celebrate your success and am glad you can do that, but I’ll be danged if I will let you make me feel less thrilled and excited about my 53.7# loss because I did it with the help of some great people.

There were other responses, but they were not to share knowing Doe would read this and they were before our ladies knew that Doe had sent a letter of apology.

You know, RFBC isn’t for everyone. It’s hard work, it cost money, and yes, the women on our website put themselves out there by showing their before and afters. Doe didn’t like that either, so I want to clarify for everyone that while those before and afters are great for marketing, that’s not their real purpose. This is what I wrote to Doe, my own personal Raw Food Boot Camp Review, the letter she responded to when she appologized:

Congratulations on losing 40 lbs since June. Not everyone can do that on their own. That is why RFBC exists. Is it a fad, I don’t think so. We will be celebrating our 10thyear this December. Granted RFBC isn’t for everyone. It’s a tough diet, and many don’t want to do the walking, but it works and more importantly, it increases health.

Maybe you just looked at our photos. But can you honestly say, CJane looked better fat than she does now? Or Free, or Haley, who just yesterday hit 120 lbs gone. They don’t have saggy skin. They may have some wrinkled skin, but compared to those who use a SAD diet or worse have bariatric surgery, it’s nothing. And each would tell you, they rather have some wrinkled skin underneath their size 6’s, then go back to their 3Xs.

What you have missed is that RFBC is not about losing weight, it’s about changing your relationship with food so once that weight is gone, you can be free from food obsession for life. And whether you believe me or not, that’s what our women are doing. They are changing. No one wants to diet, no one wants to be obese, but at RFBC we have each other to fight through these battles, to learn how to conquer our food addictions. We don’t eat over emotions, we don’t eat because we are bored. These things are not fads, they are hard work. Damn hard work, and the ladies at RFBC fight to make them part of their lives.

As for showing up on the website. You’d be surprised to know that many of the women who come through camp at some point offer, yes offer without me asking, to show their faces. Why? Because they know that it was the women’s whose faces they saw that gave them hope that they too could rid themselves of obesity. They do it because they are proud of what we do and what they have accomplished.

Those photos are our gift to the obese women out there who have lost hope. I receive emails from women and men all the time who never joined RFBC, but who were inspired by what we do and how we do it, that they incorporated raw food into their lives.  Yes, those photos are great for marketing, but they do more than that, they honor my passion and commitment to show other obese men and women that there is a way to beat this.

The day I found raw food, I was sitting at home at 254 pounds or so, contemplating how I had tried everything and nothing worked, so I would accept my obesity, and since I have a bad heart, accept that I would probably die by 54, just 6 years later. That day to quiet my sadness over my fate, I rented three movies.  It was in the outtakes of a Woody Harrelson movie that  I learned about raw. Hope. Hope is priceless when you have none. And Woody gave me mine. I researched raw, I read everything about it, and then I started my own nine month journey from 254 lbs down to 127.

Hope. That is what all those before and afters do, regardless if you think our women are uglier afterwards or not. They tell someone who has given up that there is something out there working, something that could work for them, and they sit up straighter, they start Googling raw food. They don’t just join. Trust me. Many of the women who do join have been watching the site for months even years before they have the courage to  join us.

While as you say I am not a doctor or a dietitian, I have founded something, quite by accident, I might add, that helps women like me. RFBC is a great place with great women. There are no saps here. Just women who want to change their lives and haven’t been able to do it on their own. Women who don’t judge one another because they understand what each is going through. Women who in spite of themselves find the patience and perseverance to change. Not all get fast weight loss. Some have been at camp for over a year and are still going for goal. They are our greatest mentors. They get what we do and know the importance of what we offer.

It’s funny you used the words poor saps to describe our membership. The majority of our women are in the health care field or teachers. We get lawyers, one is a CFO for a global corporation, and we have PhDs. They all know exactly who I am.

As for ripping them off, sorry, you’re wrong there too. There are so many ways to earn free membership at RFBC that after the first three months, someone going after fast weight loss and doing our Rawk Starz programming with 2 hours of walking a day, can be at camp free all the way through maintenance.

You may hate us, you may say such horrible things to me, but you don’t know RFBC.  Your hate is misguided. I wish you the best in your weight loss journey.


I hope our Raw Food Boot Camp Reviews set other minds to rest about RFBC and what we do and offer. We are not a fad, we are change. Inner change directed at freeing ourselves from our obsession with food and weight loss. Not everyone makes it at RFBC. But for those that stay with us, the prize is worth the struggle. It’s worth the time and effort. I am very proud of what we do and the women that come and do it with us. 

So, Doe, thank you for giving us this opportunity to speak frankly about RFBC and put up some Raw Food Boot Camp Reviews.

And Thank you to our RFBC Members for their awesome Raw Food Boot Camp Reviews.

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