Raw Food Diets and Whole Food Diets We Support at Raw Food Boot Camp – You will only win $$$ Challenges with the Rawk Starz Diet

At Raw Food Boot Camp, we offer varying degrees of our raw food diets and whole food diets. The speed you can lose weight on these diets depends on how hard you are willing to work, how much you stick to the diet and walking and believe it or not, how much you embrace the women of RFBC as your peers and team to fight through that all too familiar cycle of losing and gaining.

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I am proud of what we do, and am glad to invite you to join us and learn more about our raw food diets and whole food diets.Below are the diets we work with. If you want to do Dr. Furhmens or Dr. McDougals, or a vegan even macrobiotic diet, we will support you in that as well. While we started with only raw diets, we have evolved to so much more and now support all healthy whole food diets. We are about beating obesity for life not just for a month or even a year. We work hard to fight through all the obstacles we have put in our way to get healthy.

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Perseverance is the key to all success
Attitude, Food and Exercise play equal roles in Weight Loss

Cauliflower Vegan Protein SourceEach of our raw food diets and whole food diets requires you give up the high fat, high sodium high sugar food that is so enticing to those looking for a yummy alternative diet. Our raw food diets and whole food diets are geared for the obese. With that in mind, it is important that we give up the high fat, high sugar and high sodium of other raw food weight loss diets and work with what work with us.

It is a requirement of all members of Raw Food Boot Camp to eat a minimum of 1000 calories a day. 1200 is best!

Many who try other raw food weight loss diets without success, have come to Raw Food Boot Camp and had immediate success. Why? Because with low glycemic index fruits we seem to circumvent the slow metabolism often caused by insulin resistance which many of the obese suffer from. Read how Dr. Weil describes insulin resistance.

What do we mean by Low Fat, Low Sugar, Low Sodium Raw Food Diets and Whole Food Diets?

Low Fat Means: No nuts or seeds (except hemp and maybe flax). No added oils. Limited avocado. No dairy.

Low Sugar Means: No added sweeteners including honey, agave, or stevia are allowed in our raw food weight loss diets. We only eat low glycemic index/load fruits so all the high sweet fruits that spike blood sugar are off the table. Also we do not eat high starch veggies.

Low Sodium Means: No added salt. It doesn’t matter what type of salt it is, we don’t use it. No soy sauces of any kind. No soups. Nothing that has sodium added.

There are more specific lists with each of the raw food diets offered and each of the whole food diets offered. I just want you to know that we are serious when it comes to a diet that works for the obese. Fat, Salt, And Sugar. The top addictive nutrients out there as well as the most exploited. To break our food addictions, we need to lower our dependence on foods that trigger our desire to keep going after more. The old Lays potato chip ad stated it plainly. “I bet you can’t eat just one.” Well of course not. They are high fat, high salt, and high starch food. Who could resist?

Walking Requirements for all of our Quick Weight Loss Raw Food and Whole Food Diets

I call this a pathway because exercise plays a key role in how fast you lose weight.raw food diets and whole food diets require walking for quick weight loss

2 hours of walking a day is what is needed for our fastest weight loss, but it is not a requirement. Walking is though.

Therefore, to be part of the 50 and 100 lb challenges, you must be at the full 2 hours by the end of your first 4 weeks at Raw Food Boot Camp.

Minimum walking requirement is 45 minutes per day in your fat burn zone.

If you have bad knees or ankles and cannot walk, you must contact me prior to joining to discuss cardio alternatives.

Walking, hiking and snowshoeing are considered walking. Treadmill on incline, hiking mountains, and snowshoeing give the best results.

If you cannot walk 45 minutes at a time, yet, you can start slower. I started at six 10 minute walks a day until I felt the need to go for a straight hour. That was in a few short weeks. Miracle Jan started with multiple 2 or 3 minutes loops from her living room, through her kitchen and dining room and back to her chair while using her cane. In 1.5 months she walked a 5K!

While you can do pilates, yoga, spinning or whatever else you like for fun, they do not count as part of your exercise requirement at RFBC. Please understand this before joining our group or full membership areas. Only walking or walking alternatives agreed upon with Carlene prior to joining the group or full membership raw food weight loss diet programs.

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