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Listen to Carlene talk about Motivation and Mojo from Saturday June 23’s Daily Audio


What does it take to be a member of Raw Food Boot Camp? 

It takes the belief that eating high fat, high sugar, high sodium foods is not more important than beating your obesity!
It takes courage to work on your food issues and to prioritize your time, yourself, so you can participate at camp, prep your food and do your walking.
It takes patience with yourself and the ability to forgive yourself for not being perfect.
It takes desire, want, determination to shed your fat suit and to keep it off.
It takes perseverance, fighting off the intense desire to return to old ways, and not giving into rationalizations and excuses to quit.
It takes a willingness to make health and fitness part of your core belief, a belief where the boundaries are drawn and you won’t cross them, just like you do with all your other belief systems. Listen to this audio and see if you are able to do this.

It’s Just Who I am

RFBC isn’t for those wanting a quick fix diet or who want to join a raw food social network.
Beating obesity is hard work. Your hard work.
When I ask: How bad do you want it?
You must be able to answer: So bad I am willing to struggle and fight for as hard and long as it takes to get it.


What is Required of Me to be an RFBC Member

You must be a Free member at RFBC
You must do one of our RFBC approved diets to the guidelines set. Click here to see Rawk Starz/Rawkinator or Butt Kicker/Wholy Rawker diets.
You must be willing to walk or if that is not physically possible to have worked out an alternative plan with Carlene before joining.
Each Morning you must fill in our Daily Commitment form to express your commitment to stay on plan and get your exercise done.
Each day you must listen to our Daily Audio (there isn’t one on Sundays)
Each day you must participate in our Daily Discussion
Each day you must log your food in a nutritional database (fitday.com, myfitnesspal.com or netdiary.com all are free)
Every evening you must fill out our Daily Check in form and let Carlene know what you ate, what exercise you did and how you are doing.
Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday you must weigh in
If you join a challenge group you must participate there daily as well.
Whenever you struggle you must ask for help and support
If you fall, regardless of how far, you will not quit but will get up, brush yourself off and move forward.


Listen to Carlene Explain why all the Accountability is Necessary


Have Questions or Concerns? Click here to email Carlene before joining



What Weight Loss Challenges Do We Offer?

Women have been winning our challenges for years. Whether it is for 10 lbs and free membership or 100 lbs for $$, they take me up on these challenges to get where they want to go with incentives.

We currently offer: — Click Here to Read More About these Challenges

  • 10 lbs in 1 Month for a Free Week of Camp
  • 6 lbs in 1 Month for 2 Free Days of Camp
  • 50 lbs in 3 Months for a Two Free Months of Camp
  • Our Genie Challenge – 60 lbs in 4 Months for 2 Free Months of Camp
  • 100 lbs in 7 Months for $500

RFBC Membership Options

There is only one membership option. Full Access where you work with Carlene and the RFBC team each and every day.

You do however have the choice to share your photos (I will cut off your head) or to not share your photos. There is a $50 difference in membership per month.

Try Before You Buy (only available for those who have never been a paying member of RFBC)

Free for 1 Week. No obligation to continue, no credit card info taken. You get full on access to camp and Carlene for 7 days. At the end of those 7 days, if you want to continue with us you can sign up for full membership as a shared or no photo member. But if you take on this free membership, be prepared to be as committed as if you had signed up for our full membership. You will have to send in a scale photo to prove you are 30+ lbs overweight. Start photos are due on the day you sign up for fee based membership, but if you are joining with the intent of doing this with us long term, get those photos done the first week so you have a true record of your loss. All Try Before You Buy membership starts are immediate. I will not pressure you to join us, that will be on you. This is a one time trial and only offered to those who have never worked with Carlene before. I want you to be sure we are the right place for you. Please do not use this membership until you have read everything on our website and listened to our audios and explored our Free membership area. Carlene takes RFBC seriously and wants you to do the same. Be as ready and as knowledgeable as if you were starting our fee based membership and make sure to have your food ready to go.

Fee-Based Memberships

All fees are non-refundable, non-transferrable and can not be put on hold.

Shared Photos – I will cut your head off unless you volunteer to show your face or do our 100 lb challenge.

$139 per month, pay as you go or $333 for a 3-month membership. That’s a 20% savings

This membership makes you eligible for our 10 and 6 lb monthly weight loss challenges as well as our 50 and 100 lb challenges.

No Photos

$189 per month, pay as you go or $483 for a 3-month membership. That’s a 20% savings

Genie Challenge – shared photos required

September Special for Genie Challenge

Hit 55+ lbs in 4 months get up to 2 extra weeks to hit the 60 lbs gone for the win

$387 for four months a 30% savings. Win the challenge and earn 2 free months making this a 83% savings for 6 months.

This membership makes you eligible for our 10 and 6 lb monthly weight loss challenges as well as our 100 lb challenge.



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