Shopping Lists & Sample Menus for the Rawk Starz Diet

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Rawk Starz Diet Guidelines

Click Here to see a list of Low Glycemic Load Fruits

  • 1000-1200 Cal/day
  • 10-15% Fat/day
  • Min 10% Protein/day
  • Max 350 mg Sodium/day
  • Max 1 banana a day
  • Max 1/8th avocado a day or 1 tsp oil a day
  • No dates or figs ever
  • No dehydrated food
  • no vinegar
  • no fermented or pickled anything
  • no coconut anything
  • 75% low glycemic load fruit
  • max 350 mg of sodium per day
  • 170 calories of perfect protein seeds hemp, chia or raw pumpkin
  • 2-4 cups of spinach or kale a day
  • No cooked food
  • Min 60 Minutes of Walking

Rawk Starz Diva Diet Restrictions

  • 2 hours of walking every day
  • no Bananas, mangoes or Grapes
  • no oil or avocado

Shopping List

The produce section is wide open to you with the following exceptions:

No dates, figs, papaya, figs, durian, pomegranates or kiwis. Taste the grapes, if they are not tart, skip them as well. Bananas are limited to once a day. You’ll lose faster without them. They would be off our raw food diets except for the fact that clients will scream! For quick weight loss, ditch the bananas and grapes as well.

No nuts or seeds with the exception of hemp, pumpkin, flax and chia (these seeds are perfect protein sources).

No potatoes, sweet or white, and no hard squashes like butternut. Yellow squash, zucchini and carrots are fine.

No added sweeteners like agave, stevia, or honey.

No soy anything including sauces and miso.

No added oil or avocado for optimal weight loss. For slower wt loss 35 cal a day of oil or avo is acceptable

No protein drinks not even hemp protein powder.

All those superfood powders slow weight loss. For optimal weight loss give them up until maintenance.

You can,  however, have:

Almond milk, but it must be the original with no more than 40 cal per serving. And it is one serving a day. Silk has a new Cashew milk unsweetened with or without Vanilla that is only 25 cal per 8 oz and doesn’t have much flavor. You might prefer that.

Hemp (start with crushed hemp hearts, Nutivia’s tastes best). While avocado is a good fat source, you need those Omegas so avocado is limited to no more than 35 calories a day.

A little oil for salads is okay, like a tsp, but you would do better to make salsa for your dressing. There are some dressing recipes at camp, but not many. Some just squeeze orange over their salads.

Meal Plans for the Rawk Starz! Raw Food Diet

I don’t offer meal plans with our raw food weight loss diets. Everyone eats differently at camp. Some eat two big meals a day, some eat six small meals, others eat in between. Our food is simple. The best thing to do is go to the nutritional analysis program you are using, and start putting in the different fruits and veggies you have on hand and see how you can get to our golden 1200 calories a day. Then print that out and have it with you. Schedule the food throughout the day so you don’t come back at the end of the day telling me you didn’t eat enough.

Those doing orientation, if you need help with this, I will be more than happy to guide you.

Here’s a good example of what a day of food for a Rawk Starz or Rawkinator fast weight loss diet looks like. She should have eaten one more piece of fruit to hit 1200 calories!

Rawk Star & Rawkinator Menu 1

Even for Rawkinators, we list our veggies raw in the nutritional database. To keep up with the typical Standard American Diet (SAD) they tend to add sodium and fat to everything cooked. So Rawkinators log their veggies as raw. She just needed another piece of fruit or two to make her 1200 calories. Believe it or not, getting people to eat is one of the biggest struggles we have at camp.

Rawkinator Menu


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